How Can I Have Amazing Talents In My Dreams?

June 28th, 2014

Why Can’t I Retain Knowledge & Skills I Manifest While Dreaming?

Dream TalentsNow of course we’ve all dreamed of having various super abilities such as flying, extraordinary strength, or even super speed to a lesser extent. Things we’ve seen, and read about in various forms of entertainment media. Acts we can imitate easily in a fantasy world free of physical constraints.  What about things that require actual knowledge? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of having precise skills that you can’t come close to duplicating while you’re awake. Perhaps calculating complex mathematical formulas that become a haze one your dream ends or having extraordinary martial arts skills that take out a whole gang of street punks. In some cases maybe you’re faking it but in others it’s clear you were tapping into real knowledge you possessed. Information that may manifest repeatedly while you are conscious within your REM sleep but is lost in the waking world.

When your dream skills are real what you’re experiencing is a five dimensional link to yourself in a parallel Universe. We are spiritually connected to all our various incarnations in all the Universes, and higher dimensions we exist in.  Anywhere your vibrational frequency manifests is another version of you. The sub-conscious mind, and our conscious state within the realm of our dreams is the most direct link to our spirit or soul. The Gods, and Goddesses of the Universe needed a way to link all ourselves together yet at the same time not have everyone become super beings who can escape this reality with ease. The waking consciousness, and the programmed illusion of our biological bodies, is what keeps us anchored here making it difficult to access the powerful knowledge of our parallel, and higher dimensional selves.

In some cases advanced individuals may deeply access the collective consciousness of the astral dream plane known as the realm between life, and death.  A zone of infinite knowledge coalesced from all over the Universe since the pure consciousnesses of all beings who dream, or die end up there at some point.  When deeply dreaming, or Astral Projecting it’s possible to absorb information that you don’t already possess.

Mastery of Lucid Dreaming, or being aware that you’re actually dreaming, can lead to more access to hidden knowledge, and talents.  However most everyone loses the details once they wake up.  In some cases hypnosis can access whatever is retained in the elusive sub-conscious mind.  If you’re interested in accessing your parallel selves, and their potential in your real life then Quantum Jumping might be another course of action to make your dreams come true.

The Quantum Physics Of Parallel Universes

May 30th, 2014

Could Every Version Of The Afterlife Be True?

May 13th, 2014

Heaven StaircaseDespite the clear purpose of the Afterlife being continued growth into Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality, there can still exist other afterlives within.  Most likely at the first level of the Afterlife in the fifth dimension.  There our four dimensional soul lives in a Heavenly paradise of sorts where individuals, family, and friends can partake of various lives together as a form of life closure before embarking on the exciting journey to higher dimensional Godhood. This can be done by simply willing it to be so.  This could include creating the Afterlives of the various human made religions.  There’s also the probability that a large enough group here on Earth, via the power of the collective consciousness, could create such an afterlife in advance within the fifth dimension.

Upon death they could awaken in the traditional Heaven of clouds with Angels floating about a brilliant white light along with a plethora of other scenarios.  Some who want an Earthly Amish style paradise would find themselves in that illusion as well.  The ancient past of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other Gods might have their own Heavens where believers would go.  Atheists, and those without any true religious convictions would simply end up in the great gathering with their family, and friends.  I’m sure the Atheists will be quite shocked by this but at the same time happy no God is commanding them like a tyrant, or damning people to Hell.   Ultimately though at some point someone would be informing everyone of what lies in the dimensions above, or that there is at least the option of moving on to something greater.

This will be a relief for the minority of people who truly believe they’re going to Hell.  This would explain those whose near death experiences are visions of Hell.  They could very well create a brief self-imposed Hell but before they’re tortured they’d be lifted out of the illusion by family, friends, or a higher dimensional being. Since being a disembodied 4-D being would be something new a variety of initial self-imposed illusions could occur before seeing the real 5-D Heaven.

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Unfortunately All Children Die

May 11th, 2014

Your Baby Is An Adult Now!  Is Your Baby Gone For Eternity?

Lil BabyEvery parent has paused at points in their life, and missed their baby, toddler, and child at various stages of their life.  Especially once they’re adults….hopefully moved out of the house.  The actual death we know, that leads to our eventual ascension to Godhood, is the immediate shedding of our physical form for a higher dimension one.  However the death of all children occurs so gradually cloaked in growth at every temporal increment that we don’t notice until we gaze upon old photos, or are randomly reminded of a child earlier in their life.  When you really contemplate that the adult standing before you is your precious baby it’s somewhat surreal.  Of course the same could be said for the youthful version of an adult, and their geriatric self that is in essence slowly decaying toward physical death.

Will you ever see your child, or a kid relative, again in a past diminutive form?  Or are they gone forever even if they’re now sitting next to you in a more advanced form?  The answer is yes.  In the first level of Heaven within the fifth dimension where we exist as four dimensional beings.  4-D beings made up of every part of our 3-D selves that existed within every time increment of our lives.  In this Heavenly realm we can revert back to our child self at will, and relive the magical innocence within a collective conscious recreation of various past events.  Or parents, and children can actually experience being kids simultaneously while playing in a Heavenly amusement park together.

This first level of Heaven is directly linked to your life in this particular Universe.  It’s where you go when you hear about ghosts walking into the white light.  Most think this is the entirety of Heaven rather than one level.  Do you then walk into another light to enter six dimensional Heaven which culminates in your five dimensional self? Your 5-D self being a unified soul of all your 4-D souls from the parallel Universes of this Multiverse.  Metaphysical evidence indicates you could do that at will, and return again. Since there is no death there may be a point where everyone agrees it’s time to move on due to there being no purpose in continuing to live a fantasy for eternity.  The 5-D level of Heaven is meant to be a closure for this life where amends are made, and dreams are lived out.  It could very well last for the equivalent of thousands or even millions of years before you move on to the next level.  Either way it’s your choice, and you can return at any time.

Theoretically you could exist there for eternity because you already exist in higher dimensional forms that reside outside your particular temporal dimension.  For instance right now you are already in every level of Heaven since you’ve already died from their perspective.  Even after moving on to each successive level until your eventual ascension to Omniverse Godhood, and beyond, you can return to have family reunions at any time.  You can also meet your children’s higher dimensional selves but they would be a totally different person than you knew.  Just think about the astronomical number of people you were married to, had kids with, and even different parents.  Adoption aside we’re not sure if your parents play a role in your unique soul frequency manifesting all over the Macroverse, or can you have an astronomical number of parents as well.  Certainly your siblings would be a number so huge that a number doesn’t even exist for it in this reality.  The point is once you unify all those lives you get a unique individual that won’t resemble the child you knew.  Then again the same could be said for you.   However just as you return to your child’s past in this life your God self will eventually wander to that same place in their minds.  At that point they will return to 5th dimension manifesting as their old 4-D self to partake of a Heavenly family reunion.

Life Is Short.  Enjoy the magical innocence of your child in this life while you can!

If the above video was real then the explanation would be a freak quantum time tunnel randomly diving into this dimension right at the place, and moment of birth.  Remember that old man at the end still has the mind of a baby with no clue what’s going on.  Quantum physicists study the fluke event, and it becomes the biggest news story of the century.  The Hyper Aging Time Tunnel Child Goes From Womb To Tomb In Mere Seconds!

Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, And The Greater Macroverse

May 7th, 2014

The Structure Of Reality And The Afterlife
Parallel Multiverses Unifying Into Omniverse GodThe Multiverse Theory of Quantum Physics basically says our Universe is not alone in the greater Cosmos.  We are apart of a Multiverse full of Parallel Universes that can range from nearly identical to this one, or totally alien in comparison.  All the Universes within a Multiverse are related to the Big Bang from which everything in this Multiverse originated.  All mathematical probabilities that can manifest from this particular Multiverse birth manifest themselves within any given Universe.

Then we have Parallel Multiverses that are other sets of Parallel Universes that originated from separate Big Bangs, or other events that set off the creation of Universe.  These Multiverses might be nearly identical to this one, or display fantastical foreign characteristics including Law Of Physics that are the total opposite of ours.  All the Parallel Multiverses at that point in the eyes of science have played out every probable scenario possible in the greater infinite reality of all their is.  This is called the Omniverse.

However there is yet another factor to be played out.  The existence of God, a human soul, and the purpose of intelligent life in the Universe.  Since these Parallel Universes explore all scenarios then duplicates of ourselves exist there living every life possible.  Quantum Physicists seem to indicate they’re just doppelgangers with no real link to us, and are in essence just a different person whose a complete copy cat.  When you bring the existence of a God, or intelligence of pure thought whose always existed, into the equation then this makes no sense.  Having higher dimensional beings who are intrinsic to the structure of our reality might also prevent a plethora of mindless living hell scenarios.  An intelligent consciousness could delete certain mathematical probabilities from the Universal equation to prevent lives that might be more than we can bear.

Science tells us the supposedly solid matter around us eventually transforms into pure vibrating energy strings at a microscopic level.  It’s our belief that this energy eventually transforms into the fundamental foundation of reality which is pure thought, or pure information.  Ultimately something must program this reality to act as it does.  Since a computer program, or anything for that matter, can’t create itself, then a master programmer known as God must exist.  However we don’t believe in any of the religions that are clearly man made.  Especially considering the lengths God went to in order to make everything look natural with scientific explanations of their creations.  Of course ultimately someday science will discover the higher dimensional God, or Gods who are the very foundation of reality.

In addition when we pass away to the great beyond we will discover we’re Gods.  The only plausible purpose of life is our continued growth in the afterlife.  Our self aware 3-D minds generates  a 4-D soul in each parallel Universe by the mere passage of time.  Those four dimensional souls are unified within one 5-D soul since all our parallel souls vibrate at the same unique frequency.  When you go down to the pure thought level there is no such thing as distance of space, and time, therefore like frequencies will coalesce into one being in the higher dimensions.  The process of your higher dimensional afterlife birth is that simple!  This process goes further with the unification of our 5-D souls in each Universe within one 6-D soul.  There is also the possibility of various parallel afterlives as well in which we live as amazing multi-dimensional super beings exploring all manner of mathematical probabilities in higher dimensional planes of existence, and also acting as lower level Gods in physical three dimensional realms.  Perhaps some of the Earthy Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.) are merely ascended humans.

At some point our knowledge, and power is so extraordinary that we ascend to true Godhood, and are born as a new Omniverse.  We then go about creating our own set of Multiverses.  It’s quite likely that the Omniverse we live in is a God who was once a biological being such as ourselves.   There also a scenario where all of our souls create a collective consciousness Omniverse God. The unique nature of each individual, or collective group, acting as a God creates infinite Parallel Omniverses.  Since there is no end to frequencies in our greater reality then infinite souls, and infinite Omniverse Gods exist in the great Hyper-Omniverse space expanses.  Since your frequency duplicates everywhere just from the inevitability of everything repeating in an infinite reality then you exist in other Omniverses as well.

Ultimately these Omniverses make up the Macroverse which is the true infinite Universe, and mind of the one infinite God who always existed.  It’s also plausible we are that God, and everyone’s collective consciousness makes up the Macroverse.  All the Omniverse souls unify into one Macroverse soul.  In fact this might be necessary to play out all scenarios by having just one, and infinite Macroverse Gods at the same time.  Perhaps all of us have always existed for eternity into the past, and there was never one alpha consciousness.  When you think about it this is the only way all atrocities can be forgiven.  Did we as a collective God choose to live all these lives for better or for worse just for the experiences?  Even allowing our fellow Gods to commit horrors upon us, and vice versa?  At that Macroverse level perhaps what we see here as hellish, or heavenly isn’t seen as neither good nor bad.  Ultimately everything unifies into a master Macroverse database of knowledge that goes on for infinity as we re-visit anything we do so choose at will within our Macroverse mind.

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