Can You Break Free Of Your Soul Or Spirit?

May 1st, 2010
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As discussed in the previous blog post we are pretty much just living memories of our spirit selves it is possible in rare instances for people to actually break free from their spirits or souls to form their own independent entity. This is a factor of free will. Someone may decide consciously or sub-consciously to be free of all parallel lives and even the afterlife. This is especially true for those experiencing horrific traumas in life. When this happens the power of their consciousness forms an independent entity and they become what might be known as ghosts among other things. If they have a strong enough consciousness and are strong willed they will realize they are free and will be able to materialize into the physical world as a human in appearance.  They would become what is known as Travelers.

Travelers have amazing power and are able to travel to any place, time, parallel Universe, or higher dimension at will. They will be free to explore everything for all eternity. Many Travelers tend to not only explore but help others which accounts for scenarios in the various parallel Universes that needs to be played out.  If anyone has ever had a mysterious stranger help them out and then disappear from their lives that just might be a Traveler.  Some are evil as well although higher entities and other Travelers stop them before they cause too much trouble.

As the minds of Travelers are pure thought they still exist outside the confines of the flow of time and the flow of the five dimensional mechanism that creates parallel lives in the various parallel Universes. So there are no parallel lives for them and no spirit in the afterlife as their spirit is directly with them and them alone. However at some point they are able to travel to the realm of pure thought that is the afterlife where they might choose to become Angels or create their own limited Universes minus sentient beings. On a side note Angels have been known to become Travelers as well. In order to create real complete Universes and attain full Godhood Travelers would have to re-join with their former spirit whose infinite mind they seceded from.  So at that point it would seem that they were living memories all along and never really left their original spirit.

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