Good Day To Those Who Believe In Godhoodism

April 6th, 2009
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GodhoodPlease be sure to visit our main site at: to learn about our religion.  We believe humankind evolves as a whole and continues to grow beyond death to a state of Godhood.  Just as we exit childhood and enter adulthood we grow further into Godhood.  We can become Gods and create our own Universes and realities.  This is possible through the existence of near infinite parallel Universes in which we lead a rich multitude of lives.  The abundance of knowledge, and wisdom we acquire is the catalyst for our growth into Godhood. Post below with your comments or questions about our site and this blog.

8 Responses to “Good Day To Those Who Believe In Godhoodism”


    How did you guys find Godhoodism? Did you guys come to the conclusion after phisophical thought or what? I was just wondering.

  2. God says:

    Godhoodism came to me one day after years of trying to conceive of a purpose to life, and trying to reconcile the rather mindless lackluster existence of the various afterlives of the man made religions whether it be sitting on a cloud with a harp, floating around the light of God, going to hell in a hand basket, existing in some Earthly Amish paradise, or continually being reincarnated as other people, animals, plants, or even inanimate objects along with merely being blinked out of existence. In other words you die, and that’s it. Most of these afterlives are just stagnant, and boring serving no purpose what so ever. I went on the assumption that our Universe could only exist because there’s a God. When choosing between an inanimate object, or an intelligent consciousness existing for eternity into the past I feel it’s only logical that a God existed although I have conjectured a compromise where a pool of infinite random pure thoughts existed, and eventually coalesced into the mind of God.

    Now God could just create things because he has nothing better to do but live within his mind watching us. However he would want to explore all scenarios rather than having out lives just stagnate after death. I feel that the afterlife should mimic life aka growth. We grow from childhood to adulthood, and so we should continue that growth into higher dimensions until we reach Godhood. Since God wouldn’t just have one timeline, or Universe, there has to be parallel realities which scientists agree with based on their observations of quantum physics. So with every decision we make, and the decisions of everyone who effects us, we skew off into various parallel Universes five dimensionally making it inevitable we lead an amazing plethora of lives. It would only make sense that all those 3-D entities would be linked by a common soul. A soul that would have an amazing storehouse of knowledge. Knowledge that would make us Gods.

    I can’t say for sure what all the levels may be in attaining Godhood but it would be safe to assume that we would always grow, and continue to reach higher levels of Godhood, and consciousness until someday perhaps joining with the one original Macroverse God, the only thing to always exist for eternity into the past, or at least just knowing him. Of course ultimately we are within his mind, and are one with him without even realizing it. I think free will is the Universal Law so we can choose to be Gods, or simply travel around taking any form in any reality we so choose. We could also be Gods, and do the same thing just as we remain in our beds as we dream ourselves into far away places.

    I think this knowledge has been kept secret not only because of the power if might bring to some but also because many would be lazy doing nothing with their lives, and say they’ve done it all in other Universes. Possibly a general consequence of many believing in parallel Universes. Or more might commit suicide to skip to Godhood. Although if they just believed in floating on a cloud they’d still do it. Of course ultimately the religions of the world are just another control mechanism to keep people chained within the establishment system of the plutocratic corporatist elites. Godhoodism would breed to much independence, and take the worshipping monopoly away from the churches living high on the hog of donations while violating their own commandments which men made up to begin with. Since you’re the God there’s no need for the middle church man. You merely live to better your self, and build up experiences in this life to add to your super conscious collective. I believe the God of this Omniverse, and other higher Gods aren’t interested in worship. Otherwise they’d show themselves or at least create a religion. Such a religion doesn’t exist because if it did then it’s words would bring tears of joy to everyone’s eyes, and all humans would know for sure it’s the word of God. Nothing written on this Earth can be attributed to an almighty infinite consciousness, or even simply a higher dimensional being.

    In addition there is a collective biological being ascension to Godhood that might occur in the distant future when humankind, and extraterrestrials, gain such amazing technology that they can travel to higher dimensions becoming pure energy, or pure conscious beings through a unique technological evolution. Something like the Q in Star Trek. Perhaps even becoming a collective consciousness, and forming their own Universe, or becoming the God of this one. Maybe this Omniverse had no God, and future humans, and ET’s, ascended to become God.

  3. 1b9m9f2 says:

    I am in a state of confusion. Your views of godhoodism are something I started to believe through my own mind long before finding this site, so i feel there is some validity to this. But I seem to come across a few seemingly hypocritical moments, such as having freewill but angels carrying out orders of the God which gave them that freewill. I may just be missing somethine and I will get to what I mean by that in a minute. Also, these supernatural beings you mention (ghosts, werewolves etc…), are you saying that they are real? I have never seen any true evidence nor experienced anything like most of them myself. However, despite my hesitation, something feels…right about all this, yet not right. So you see why I am in a state of confusion. I just need all this clarified. It doesnt make sense to me and yet it does. I hope what I am seeking has been made clear. Please help me understand.

  4. God says:

    Supernatural beings ultimately exist in higher dimensions which means beings such as ghosts exist. Beings in the physical Universe such as vampires, werewolves, etc might exist here, or on other planets. When we mention such paranormal creatures we’re saying when we ascend to Godhood we could hypothetically create, or allow someone else within our realm to create, such creatures.

  5. God says:

    Angels are free to leave if they don’t want to work for God.

  6. 1b9m9f2 says:

    Two things. One, do you say, with certainty, that you have it right? I just want to know. And two, you missed a part of what occurs in the afterlife, and I know this is a part of it because when it hit me I felt the touch of God. Ultimately evil people are not necessarily refused candidacy for godhood. You have a chance to be cleansed, based on all the evil you have chosen to follow. It occurs on what some would call Judgement Day. Think of it like this, if a child with paint is coloring the walls of a room in your house, eventually you will have to clean it up, and the longer you let if go on the harder it will be on you. If you can make it through the cleansing, you take the next step. If not, you blink out of existence. There may be more to the afterlife than that, but I know you always have a chance.

  7. capoeira86 says:

    Once I stumbled upon this site and read carefully what the writer was saying. I realized that we had very similar thoughts about the afterlife and god him/herself. Interestingly enough Godhoodism expands on my thoughts about the after life even though it was similar it expanded into something much better. I do have one question based on the unified super soul that contains our vast experiences. the angel self or arch angel self or even the god self that we are or would become. Once any of us pass away as we are and either become a traveler or just merge with our soul how do you know that the you (individual) named … is still you in those ascended self. or will the you that exist within the supersoul angel, archangel, or god self are just nothing but a collection of memories from your many lives? This is where it is interesting for me. If you become one with yourself are you just a memory now or are you the one calling the shots within the super soul as all the other souls that are unified in the supersoul? or Does every single soul from all those multiverse lives take turns using the supersoul?????

  8. God says:

    Our true self is the being we are in the highest dimension of the Macroverse. The super God who is without any further parallel components that are folded into our consciousness. Although who knows if it simply goes on forever into infinite dimensions? In that state, and each unified state at each higher dimensional level we are one person who would clearly be a very different person than we are now. There’s no split personality going on so in essence yes who we are now only a memory to ourselves at that level. Although an extremely live vivid memory unlike anything we know. Our higher dimensional self could also have the power to return here to relive memories in reality. There would be times that they would dwell upon certain singular lives, and briefly remember what it was like to be that person. Somewhat like us remembering our childhood, and how different we were then.

    To help you better visualize things just remember that our reality, including our bodies, is ultimately composed of non-corporeal pure thought consciousness. There are no dimensions to that so it’s like everything exists in the same point of space. A space that is an illusion to begin with. Wherever we’re born in the vast Macroverse we have a unique consciousness frequency. That frequency is you no matter what you look like. Your various frequency incarnations naturally combine with each other since they’re in the same space. They manifest as singular beings in each dimension.

    That being said I can imagine how people might not like the idea of who they are now being gone forever as you grow into a different higher dimensional entity comprised of your parallel selves. However as previously mentioned it’s similar to a child growing into an adult. How many kids vow they’ll never be like their parents, and then one day they realize they are? Even if we were forever young immortals we would still be very different people a 1000 years from now. Life is constant change, and personal gradual evolution. To remain as we are now would mean you could only grow so far before stagnation sets in. A stagnation seen in the so called afterlives of other religions.

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