Unfortunately All Children Die

May 11th, 2014
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Your Baby Is An Adult Now!  Is Your Baby Gone For Eternity?

Lil BabyEvery parent has paused at points in their life, and missed their baby, toddler, and child at various stages of their life.  Especially once they’re adults….hopefully moved out of the house.  The actual death we know, that leads to our eventual ascension to Godhood, is the immediate shedding of our physical form for a higher dimension one.  However the death of all children occurs so gradually cloaked in growth at every temporal increment that we don’t notice until we gaze upon old photos, or are randomly reminded of a child earlier in their life.  When you really contemplate that the adult standing before you is your precious baby it’s somewhat surreal.  Of course the same could be said for the youthful version of an adult, and their geriatric self that is in essence slowly decaying toward physical death.

Will you ever see your child, or a kid relative, again in a past diminutive form?  Or are they gone forever even if they’re now sitting next to you in a more advanced form?  The answer is yes.  In the first level of Heaven within the fifth dimension where we exist as four dimensional beings.  4-D beings made up of every part of our 3-D selves that existed within every time increment of our lives.  In this Heavenly realm we can revert back to our child self at will, and relive the magical innocence within a collective conscious recreation of various past events.  Or parents, and children can actually experience being kids simultaneously while playing in a Heavenly amusement park together.

This first level of Heaven is directly linked to your life in this particular Universe.  It’s where you go when you hear about ghosts walking into the white light.  Most think this is the entirety of Heaven rather than one level.  Do you then walk into another light to enter six dimensional Heaven which culminates in your five dimensional self? Your 5-D self being a unified soul of all your 4-D souls from the parallel Universes of this Multiverse.  Metaphysical evidence indicates you could do that at will, and return again. Since there is no death there may be a point where everyone agrees it’s time to move on due to there being no purpose in continuing to live a fantasy for eternity.  The 5-D level of Heaven is meant to be a closure for this life where amends are made, and dreams are lived out.  It could very well last for the equivalent of thousands or even millions of years before you move on to the next level.  Either way it’s your choice, and you can return at any time.

Theoretically you could exist there for eternity because you already exist in higher dimensional forms that reside outside your particular temporal dimension.  For instance right now you are already in every level of Heaven since you’ve already died from their perspective.  Even after moving on to each successive level until your eventual ascension to Omniverse Godhood, and beyond, you can return to have family reunions at any time.  You can also meet your children’s higher dimensional selves but they would be a totally different person than you knew.  Just think about the astronomical number of people you were married to, had kids with, and even different parents.  Adoption aside we’re not sure if your parents play a role in your unique soul frequency manifesting all over the Macroverse, or can you have an astronomical number of parents as well.  Certainly your siblings would be a number so huge that a number doesn’t even exist for it in this reality.  The point is once you unify all those lives you get a unique individual that won’t resemble the child you knew.  Then again the same could be said for you.   However just as you return to your child’s past in this life your God self will eventually wander to that same place in their minds.  At that point they will return to 5th dimension manifesting as their old 4-D self to partake of a Heavenly family reunion.

Life Is Short.  Enjoy the magical innocence of your child in this life while you can!

If the above video was real then the explanation would be a freak quantum time tunnel randomly diving into this dimension right at the place, and moment of birth.  Remember that old man at the end still has the mind of a baby with no clue what’s going on.  Quantum physicists study the fluke event, and it becomes the biggest news story of the century.  The Hyper Aging Time Tunnel Child Goes From Womb To Tomb In Mere Seconds!

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