Will Jehovah’s Witnesses See Their Amish Paradise Afterlife?

January 15th, 2018
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Amazingly enough, they probably will live in what appears to be their Paradise on Earth for eternity. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe only 144,000 chosen ones go to Heaven while the rest reside in a primitive paradise. Plausibly spending most days gardening and strolling about a peaceful planet playing with wild animals. Ultimately they think people have no souls so they just decay in the soil until resurrected to life by Jehovah (Yahweh) their Hebrew Lord. In essence, they believe we’re only evolved apes minus the evolution of course.

If you’ve read articles on this site then you know we eventually ascend to Godhood in the afterlife of Heaven. The purpose of life is continued growth from childhood to adulthood and then into eternal Godhood with a supernatural stint in Angelhood before that. This is through the acquisition of knowledge and experiences in Parallel Universes and even higher dimensional Parallel Afterlives. Indeed when our soul crosses over into the fifth dimension we burst forth into a big bang of mathematical probabilities to experience all manner of afterlives. whether true or manufactured by Gods, Angels, other higher dimensional entities, and our own minds. The one that holds the most sway is the one a person really believes in.

So if a Jehovah’s Witness truly believes they will be resurrected on an Earthly paradise then it will happen in one or more forms in their parallel afterlives. They could be transported to a Parallel Universe where the Hebrew God Jehovah is real and has become the dominant Earthly nature deity over the other Gods like Zeus or Jupiter. Most importantly they would need the blessing of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. Maybe she will allow them into her Paradise Plane that in some ways is similar to the Jehovah’s Witnesses paradise. However, the most likely scenario is that people end up creating their own bubble realities that appear to be a paradise on Earth. The power of the human metaphysical mind can be quite amazing when released from a biological form. It displays the characteristics of being the image of God. The power to create Universes!

At some point, they will inevitably get bored living as a glorified animal in an Earthly garden devoid of technology and a plethora of other interests to pursue. The delusional individual will realize how mindless their life is living in such a stagnant state of no growth forever. A 1000 years would probably be the limit to living in a so-called paradise that would quickly become a prison. We would like to think Jehovah would mercifully release them into the real afterlife. If they exist in a bubble Universe of some other illusion then their will power will set them free on the enlightening adventure of a lifetime!

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