Is It Possible That The Universe Is A Computer Simulation?

August 11th, 2009
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simulated-computer-universeSome scientists think it’s a possibility that we might not exist in the Universe of the original God directly or in the “ground level” Universe.   It’s plausible that a super advanced society could be simulating  your reality through three different methods.  One is that a Quantum computer has built this Universe from the ground up constructing the matter we see around us.  In this scenario there’s really no difference between this and the supposedly “real” ground level Universe.   Another scenario is an advanced computer program running on an amazing supercomputer or even a futuristic desktop that creates a simulation of the Universe and we are sentient programs within that reality.  Something like The Sims except on a Universal scale and with advanced artificial intelligence capability.  A third scenario is a “Matrix” type simulation where we really are biological beings, or at least our brains exist, but we are jacked into a virtual reality which we believe to be completely real.

Believe it or not the odds are astronomical that we even exist in the ground level Universe directly since we have no idea how long the Macroverse, or everything that the original eternal God has created, has existed.   In the ground level Universe there are a mind boggling amount of parallel Universes and just imagine how many of them formed super advanced civilizations capable of this.  Not just on parallel Earths but countless alien worlds as well.  Then imagine that the simulated Universes they create also have parallel realities and societies advance within them the same way and they create simulations within simulations.  This cycle could continue for eternity creating an exponential amount of simulated Universes whose numbers would be far greater than the ground level Universes of the supposed real Universe.  The odds are good that we indeed exist within a simulation of some type.

That means our God may not be someone who has lived near infinite lives and ascended to Godhood.  He or she may simply be a futuristic computer programmer or a group of programmers.  A biological being such as ourselves or what we believe ourselves to be.    Maybe even a sentient android with artificial intelligence.  Another possibility is that a computer could gain sentience through advanced artificial intelligence and be running simulations on it’s own.  Perhaps in a long dead civilization.  The skies the limit in imaging what our reality could be.  This means that our God could possibly be evil as he, she or it hasn’t attained Godhood with the blessing of the original eternal God who started all of reality.   If our God is a computer or android devoid of emotion that could explain why our God allows such suffering to occur in the world.  As for an evil computer programmer being our God I still believe the original God would prevent such an occurrence as nobody can get around Gods plan for the Universe due to a loophole like simulated realities.

You might also be asking yourself why would God care about you and why should you care about yourself or anyone else if you’re a fake program?   The fact is even if you’re a computer program you’re obviously a sentient program.  You think therefore you are.  You feel emotion and you know you’re real.  Whether you’re a program like an artificial intelligence, The Sims, or built out of quantum data it’s not that much different from the ground level Universe which is constructed of Gods pure thought.   Thought is information like a computer program.  It makes you no less real and you shouldn’t feel any different about yourself or others if this Universe turns out to be a simulation.

What of your spirit or soul?  Your ascension to Godhood?  I believe the original God or the God in the ground level Universe above the simulated one knows all the sentient beings who exist in his realm and the process by which a consciousness is created automatically creates a spirit or soul.  Nothing will have changed for you so embrace all the possible scenarios of your reality with enthusiasm and know also that these are potential scenarios within your near infinite lives within the near infinite parallel Universes.  So if this is a ground level Universe then most likely you were born into a simulated one in a parallel Universe somewhere as well.  Read more about what happens after death if we exist in a computer simulation:

Here’s an interesting video discussing the possibility of the Universe being a simulation:

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