Could Every Version Of The Afterlife Be True?

May 13th, 2014
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Heaven StaircaseDespite the clear purpose of the Afterlife being continued growth into Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality, there can still exist other afterlives within.  Most likely at the first level of the Afterlife in the fifth dimension.  There our four dimensional soul lives in a Heavenly paradise of sorts where individuals, family, and friends can partake of various lives together as a form of life closure before embarking on the exciting journey to higher dimensional Godhood. This can be done by simply willing it to be so.  This could include creating the Afterlives of the various human made religions.  There’s also the probability that a large enough group here on Earth, via the power of the collective consciousness, could create such an afterlife in advance within the fifth dimension.

Upon death they could awaken in the traditional Heaven of clouds with Angels floating about a brilliant white light along with a plethora of other scenarios.  Some who want an Earthly Amish style paradise would find themselves in that illusion as well.  The ancient past of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other Gods might have their own Heavens where believers would go.  Atheists, and those without any true religious convictions would simply end up in the great gathering with their family, and friends.  I’m sure the Atheists will be quite shocked by this but at the same time happy no God is commanding them like a tyrant, or damning people to Hell.   Ultimately though at some point someone would be informing everyone of what lies in the dimensions above, or that there is at least the option of moving on to something greater.

This will be a relief for the minority of people who truly believe they’re going to Hell.  This would explain those whose near death experiences are visions of Hell.  They could very well create a brief self-imposed Hell but before they’re tortured they’d be lifted out of the illusion by family, friends, or a higher dimensional being. Since being a disembodied 4-D being would be something new a variety of initial self-imposed illusions could occur before seeing the real 5-D Heaven.

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