How Does Godhoodism Comfort Those Grieving For Lost Loved Ones?

April 23rd, 2013
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How Is A Godhoodism Funeral Different From A Standard Religious Funeral?
Standard FuneralWhen someone dies those who loved them enter into a state of deep grief, and mourning.  It’s a tragedy that induces depression, and the standard funeral takes place.  Eulogies are given, and some speak of what they liked about the dearly departed, what their good qualities were, and how they made the world a better place.  However they are devastated that they will never see the person again until the afterlife.  They then create images of them floating upon a cloud, or whatever their religion prescribes which generally is a stagnant afterlife where the person remains a child of God forever never growing again for all eternity.   Many in reality don’t really believe that, and deep down think their loved one is rotting in the ground, or now a pile of lifeless ash never to be seen again.  The casket is lowered into the ground, or the ashes spread about, and time slowly heals the emotional distress.  Although some never get over it depending on how close they were to the individual who met their maker.

A Godhoodism funeral is more upbeat, and happy.  Even before any hint of death, those who follow our faith know that they are already dead as far as the afterlife is concerned since it exists outside of our fourth dimensional time.  Beings in higher dimensions gazing upon our reality see the entire temporal landscape at once.  Every moment is the present to them.  They realize that their higher dimensional self is observing their life from a far better place, and after they are gone from this timescape their friends, and relatives in the Godhoodism faith know they are leading the greatest adventure ever.  So they don’t want to have it tainted by all the death grieving.  Death is merely a transition to a new life, and the negative energy of downers isn’t a nice gift for their rebirth so put on a smile, and be happy for the deceased of this particular reality.

The Godhoodism funeral does the usual remembrance of their life in this Universe but they also conjecture on all the parallel Universes where they are still alive.  Funeral goers also speak of their ascension to Angelhood, and then to Godhood as they become a unified super being with all the knowledge they’ve collected in their trillions of lives in the parallel Universes, and even the parallel Multiverses as well.  We imagine the grandeur as they triumphantly rise to the throne of Omniverse Godhood to create their own Universes, and sentient beings who will grow to be Gods as well.   Those of us in the faith of true human purpose also envy the splendor of their afterlife in the higher dimensions, and imagine all the places they are traveling to in any form they so choose.   In fact we know they are at the funeral slightly out of phase with our reality so as not to create any supernatural interference which seems to be a Universal Law.  We also conjecture as to whether or not they will meet the big cheese himself.  The first God. The only God to ever exist for eternity into the past without a beginning.  The great glorious Macroverse God who set the cycle of life, death, and Godhood into motion!

So the loyal followers of Godhoodism lay their beloved relations body to rest but in no means is their spirit extinguished.  Their death is only the break down of their physical 3-D body which has sent their 4-D spirit on it’s way to join the collective of their parallel selves to form a 5-D super consciousness at first.  They are eternal, and their apparent demise is actually a ascension to be re-born in holy Heavenly splendor as a higher dimensional being making the eventual journey to Godhood.  We are all immortal beings, and these 3-D animal bodies on this violent world are only the first lowly phase in a long journey of peace, and enlightenment.  We simply need to get our hands dirty here, and know what hell is to soar aloft as leaders of our own Universes.  Those who have left this reality are free of that hell, and have bodies of pure energy that will someday become that of pure thought.  However they have the free will to travel anywhere in any form, and do whatever they please so as long as they do not alter set timelines, or bring harm to others.  Know that your lost loved ones are always with you while simultaneously being in trillions of other places because that is the life you yourself are already living outside this reality.  The mere decades, or less, it will take for you to join them from your perspective here is nothing but a grain of sand in your immortal supernatural lives.  Do not pity, and mourn the dead.  Celebrate their achievement, and the awesome adventure they are living as we speak right along side you in the great Heavenly beyond!

2 Responses to “How Does Godhoodism Comfort Those Grieving For Lost Loved Ones?”

  1. Azeiquil Gavreel says:

    What is the chance that one would find their “Soul mate” before death arrives? How would it feel to unite with said Soul Mate?

  2. God says:

    Odds are slim that anyone finds their soul mate in any given lifetime. You’re talking about two people getting together in the greater Macroverse expanse. Of course said expanse is infinite so every scenario occurs, and you’ve been with your soul mate an amazing amount of times in the various Universes, Multiverses, and Omniverses. However the odds for this given place, time, and Universe are astronomical. People often say they’ve found their soul mate but it’s just something to say in order to feel special.

    If you ran across your soul mate you’d fall in love with them at first sight. Even a mere photo would be enough to do the trick due to the supernatural magnetism permeating even from an image. In fact if this happened with some historical figure long since dead it’s plausible you could will yourself to travel back in time to meet them. Indeed this is a rare supernatural occurrence as two souls who are the complete opposite, when it comes to frequency vibration, are drawn together just like polar opposite magnets.

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