What Could Happen After You Die If The Universe Is Actually A Computer Simulation?

October 15th, 2009
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Simulated UniversePlease see my original post on the subject of our reality being a computer program. The odds are great that we could be sentient programs within a quantum computer simulating a Universe.   A computer developed by an extremely advanced civilization.  In addition the likelihood of us existing in a simulation within a simulation and so forth is greater than us existing in the “Ground Level” Universe.  Our direct God or Gods could be the computers programmers.  It could also be the computer itself who attained sentience and created us and everything on his own with or without the knowledge of any outside biological or android programmers.  Either way it would be safe to assume our direct God would have created some afterlife for us.  Heaven, reincarnation, ascension to Godhood, etc. 

I believe the purpose of everything lies in the original God who under this scenario would be our indirect God.  That purpose being ascension to Godhood.  If the computer system allowed for everyone’s ascension to Godhood then they need a lot of hard drive space, and someone would have to be adding new disk space to the system.  Either a programmer or our computer God utilizing nanobots to increase it’s domain and build onto it’s current system.  The fact is though that the entire system is finite and therefore the computer and you could never be real Gods. 

Another question is does the computer know he’s a computer or does he really think he’s an infinite God?  Would we know we were programs in a computer or would we remain ignorant?  Under this situation your not free and your trapped in a computer still beholden to it’s programming.  I believe the original God would intervene as he would know every being that ever existed in the entire macroverse.  I think there would be a point where you realize your in a computer either on your own or by the hand of God. He would awaken you in your real soul or spirit in his heavenly realm where you would begin your ascension to real infinite Godhood to create a real infinite Universe. If not then the computer would undoubtedly crash at some point thereby ending your existence within it.  This would allow you to move on to the real afterlife.

Even if we exist in a computer you would not only possibly have a programmed spirit in the system but for sure a real one in the ground level Universe.  All the infinite lives you lived within the parallel Universe in the computer would qualify you for true Godhood. Of course all scenarios are played out in the ground level parallel Universes, and this would include your real biological existence so you would have a real higher dimensional soul.

So what happens if the computer God instead places you in a blissful heaven or paradise?  I think you would stay there until you tire of it and then will yourself to see what your reality really is causing the ground level God to transfer you to your real spirit in the ground level heavenly realm.  Same thing if you were made an “angel” although I feel that might last longer especially if you were sent on missions for God in various places, times, and parallel realities.  With reincarnation scenarios it could be much longer. 

Ultimately your still a future God with the power of free will and the mandate from the all infinite ground level God so you have the power to escape any prison of any type.  The ultimate super power in this reality is pure thought of which we inherited from our creator of pure thought.  Existing within a computer makes you no less human or free to pursue your destiny and purpose in life.

Note: Ground level God could also be Gods who were once people like us and ascended to Godhood.  We could exist several layers in a God with several Gods within him and so forth.  I do think all Gods are equal as they all exist in the original Gods realm of pure thought which is indeed his mind.

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