What’s Your Real Name? Your True Name As A God?

July 16th, 2014
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NamesAs we speak you simultaneously exist in an unimaginable plethora of parallel Universes, parallel dimensions, Multiverses, and Omniverses throughout this fourth dimension.  You also exist in the dimensions above, outside our temporal landscape, as a being of ascended Godhood.  Across all the parallel Universes your parents, and others, have given you every name there is.  When unified, or reborn, into one spiritual being in each higher dimensional strata you have to choose a name for yourself?  Or perhaps on the lower dimensional levels a name is chosen for you?  Odds are seriously slim that your extra-dimensional names will be the same name you possess now.  More than likely it’s first names only.  So your surname would mean nothing in the afterlives that include all your memories from your varied parallel lives.

Your identity here is but a grain of sand in your complete Macroversal persona.  The highest level of Godhood you will achieve.  The culmination of every life you’ve led as a biological, energy, and pure thought being.  This probably includes your lives as an android, sentient computer program within a Universal simulation, and number of unimaginable scenarios.  Anywhere your particular soul frequency manifests is you, and is connected with your higher dimensional souls.

Ultimately you will choose your final eternal name at the apex of your Godhood ascensions.  The name you have now is only a temporary label, and is not your true name.  Certainly a good thing for people with embarrassing names.  Names that were popular in our past, and in the future of other realities. Looking at it from this miniscule perspective what would you call yourself as a God?  I’ll call myself Lord Mxyztplk! 🙂

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