The Population Explosion Problem

July 8th, 2015
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Humankind’s Future Destiny Of Stellar Settlement

Populace OverloadIt’s been said resource wise the maximum population the Earth can support is about 10 billion people with the modern lifestyles were accustomed to.  The current population of the Earth as of March 5, 2018 is approximately 7,606,172,700 billion people (Click For Current Real Time World Population Stats).  Ten billion humans should easily be reached by the year 2100 unless some catastrophic celestial event, pandemic, or war occurs.  Unfortunately by then it’s doubtful the obvious solution to overpopulation will truly exist.  That solution being the settlement of the final frontier…Space!  Humanity, and all evolved intelligent species in the Universe are destined to develop technologically evolved civilizations, and populate the entire Universe.  Those planets, stars, and galaxies aren’t just there for us to gaze at with awe each night. They’re meant to be our future homes. Eventually humanity should expand it’s domain into parallel Universes, and the higher dimensions of reality thereby ascending to post-human Godhood.  However it’s more than likely a great many species lost the technological race to self-destructive wars, pandemics, meteor hits, gamma radiation events, a sun nearing the end of it’s life cycle, extraterrestrial invasions,  and of course repeatedly stalled societal advancement before the population grows beyond the limits of any given planet.

In the case of humans it’s looking more, and more likely we may fall prey to overpopulation, or some other misfortune, wiping us out as we haven’t made much progress in space exploration over the past decades.  After the end of the US Moon landings things seemed to come to a halt when it came to human space exploration.  Sure there were plenty of orbital missions, space stations for astronauts, and unmanned probes but nothing securing a foothold for the common person in outer space.  Despite humans existing for nearly 200,000 years, and modern civilization for 5000 years our population is still tied to this planet when we should have been to the stars, and beyond by now!  When you look back at our history there were great civilizations but they always eventually collapsed, or ended up as a mere shadow of it’s former self for one reason or another.  Much of human history has seen great periods of stagnation technology wise.  This has been the product of superstitious religions plunging us into the dark ages, and tyrannically governments stamping out innovation.  Just look at how quickly things developed over the course of the 19th, and 20th centuries when we finally had the freest nation in global history…the United States Of America.  Of course as that freedom has been incrementally taken away we see less important innovations.  No your little smart phone gadgets don’t count!  Certainly nothing much to get us off this planet before something bad happens!  Just imagine where we would be if that freedom has existed for a good chunk of human history!

If not for many religions, invasive dictatorial governments, selfish plutocratic royal elites, and powerOverpopulation hungry multinational mega corporations then the exponential population growth should have added more minds to the invention mix, and accelerated progress rapidly each century.  Instead we had fools needlessly causing wars, pandemics, and instilling a fear of anything new in people.  Had the past 5000 years of civilization been run efficiently for the betterment of humankind, rather than the benefit of a miniscule .0001% wealthy royal governmental plutocratic elite,  we could have in theory populated the entire Milky Way Galaxy by now, and be on our way to intergalactic exploration.  Profit, and power driven selfishness, and the evil of the royal plutocratic elites will ironically be their downfall when humanity ends up failing because of their stifling of technological progress.  Clearly in the 1960’s we had achieved the ability to go to space, and even the Moon along with knowing the various threats of human extinction yet no real priority was given to saving our species.

That space race fueled by idiotic national rivalry between the US, and Soviet Union should have Colonies In Space - Read This Cool Book For Free Online!continued for the cause of humankind.  If we were on the Moon by 1969 then we should have been to Mars by 1989 along with Moon bases for astronauts, and the first space colonies being available for the average human to live on.  Moon housing for anyone should have been a reality by the mid 2000’s, and by now the first humans should begin building a civilization on Mars.  People there would be working to terraform the planet into something Earth like.  By 2100 we should have been a complete interplanetary species looking toward the stars for planets that can support life. Even with that late 1969 start in our history we could have saved ourselves from the overpopulation problem at the last possible second in the nick of time!  However the space program in the US is stalled, and not much is going on in other nations as far as forging forth beyond the Earth.  Even today you don’t have anyone in a position of power declaring we need to colonize space to save the human race.

Space ColonizationIt’s unclear how much time we have left before bad luck finally takes the human race down but certainly the population will be cause for concern by the year 2100.  If we can’t get people to live in space then at the least we should make mining the Moon & Asteroid Belt a priority along with growing crops on space colonies, and in lunar greenhouses.  Even before that underground farming, and undersea farming facilities could be a temporary solution along with deep sea mining.  Perhaps that, human ingenuity, and the continued trend of a lower global fertility rate will keep our society going until 2200, or our eventual weaning off the Earth as our sole method of survival.  Could it possibly be too much to ask that the powers that be realize it’s not only in humanity’s interest but in their best interest to populate space as soon as possible?  Hopefully another 85-185 years will be enough to get the space exploration, and settlement ball rolling! Unfortunately you just know there will probably be a first world government of tyranny, a third world war, or the first true global pandemic!  Sure the population problem will be taken care of for a while but we will be set back decades or even centuries technologically!  Despite this article we by no means advocate any radical tyrannical population control, and reduction methods! If humanity isn’t free then there’s no point in existing! Thankfully even if humankind doesn’t ascend to Godhood as a society then individually we will become higher dimensional beings of enlightenment in the Afterlife. There we will have all our memories of the parallel Universes we’ve existed in which will include ones where the human species got things right.

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