Godhoodism is about rejecting the obviously man made religions of this Earth designed by powerful men to take advantage and control the scared masses unsure of their place in life and even the environment around them.  Now that we have become more knowledgeable as a species in all aspects of our lives it’s time to leave these ridiculous religions behind and grow into a truly enlightened society unshackled from the religious binds that have held us back as a society for thousands of years.  It’s time to embrace logic and common sense.   Only then will you see that an infinite all knowing God could not have written the idiocy as seen in the pages of the religions of this world.  Common sense also lets us see that the Universe did not create itself as many atheists would want you to believe.  God does exist but he is more or less a structural foundation of pure thought for our Universe.   He most likely created all that is because he had nothing else to do and was curious what he could create and what his creations would do.  To set rules would limit the scenarios he could observe and that would be unacceptable for an infinite being.  That being said however we assume he does not embrace pure evil just as he would not reward someone for being 100% pure goodness if that’s even possible.   There are shades of gray within God just as there are within all of us yet we assume he leans well within the side of good just as most people do.  For being evil and having destructive behavior is the easy way to acquire what you want yet it leads to an ultimate downfall as history proves.   Being good requires real effort on ones part and can be a challenge in some ways.  An infinite God wouldn’t want things to be effortless and unchallenging therefore we believe him to be mostly fair and just.  You to should emulate this God like behavior within your own comfortable zone of common sense.

The truth of our reality is that we grow and continue to grow after death into godhood and beyond.  Please visit out main site at: http://godhoodism.com to learn more about us and our beliefs.

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  1. God says:

    It’s an upgrade? You don’t want to go back to the pile of poops do you? Urkel is far better!

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