The End Of The Greek Gods

November 10th, 2010
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Once there lived many Greek Gods on Mount Olympus. Demeter, who was the Goddess of nature, was attending to the Earth when she noticed some subtle changes being made to the weather, flora, and fauna around the planet. There was a change in temperature, shades of plant colors, and even some new microbes formed. She was unable to change things back and that told her that a higher God was controlling nature. Demeter naturally assumed it was Zeus, King of the Gods, so she angrily told him to stop interfering with nature. Zeus swore he wasn’t tampering with nature by the oath of the Gods.

Zeus then told Demeter he was off to see which of the higher Gods was controlling nature. So Zeus asked his Uncles, Aunts, and even his mom, but they all swore that they were not the cause. Zeus knew it couldn’t be the original king of the Gods, Oranus, for he was chopped up in small pieces in the ocean. Zeus knew for sure it had to be Guia, the original Goddess of Earth, but she also swore to the Gods oath it wasn’t her. Zeus then consulted other powerful Gods all over the world, but they all denied that they were tampering with nature in any way. Since Zeus always knew who was telling the truth he knew they weren’t lying.

This left Zeus, Demeter, and soon all the other Gods of the Earth worried and even a bit scared for the first time in their immortal lives. Then one day Zeus was contacted by a being who claimed he was the infinite almighty ruler of the Universe. A God who simply called himself God. In fact he claimed that everything that existed including the Gods themselves all existed within his mind for the entire Universe was composed of his pure thought. The Greek Gods and all the other Gods of Earth didn’t take kindly to this newcomer claiming to be the God of Gods so they joined together to defeat him.

Even all their combined power was not enough to harm him in any way since indeed they all only existed within his all knowing infinite mind. God easily defeated them with his mere thoughts yet he did not destroy them right away. God told them that they were all created by an evil fallen angel. The dark angels purpose was to create false Gods to deceive humankind into worshiping anything but the one true infinite God. Then God raised his mighty hand before them and in a flash of light all the false Gods of the world, Greek or otherwise, were destroyed. The after effects of Gods deed can still be seen today as the northern and southern lights.

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