How Can I Have Amazing Talents In My Dreams?

June 28th, 2014

Why Can’t I Retain Knowledge & Skills I Manifest While Dreaming?

Dream TalentsNow of course we’ve all dreamed of having various super abilities such as flying, extraordinary strength, or even super speed to a lesser extent. Things we’ve seen, and read about in various forms of entertainment media. Acts we can imitate easily in a fantasy world free of physical constraints.  What about things that require actual knowledge? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of having precise skills that you can’t come close to duplicating while you’re awake. Perhaps calculating complex mathematical formulas that become a haze one your dream ends or having extraordinary martial arts skills that take out a whole gang of street punks. In some cases maybe you’re faking it but in others it’s clear you were tapping into real knowledge you possessed. Information that may manifest repeatedly while you are conscious within your REM sleep but is lost in the waking world.

When your dream skills are real what you’re experiencing is a five dimensional link to yourself in a parallel Universe. We are spiritually connected to all our various incarnations in all the Universes, and higher dimensions we exist in.  Anywhere your vibrational frequency manifests is another version of you. The sub-conscious mind, and our conscious state within the realm of our dreams is the most direct link to our spirit or soul. The Gods, and Goddesses of the Universe needed a way to link all ourselves together yet at the same time not have everyone become super beings who can escape this reality with ease. The waking consciousness, and the programmed illusion of our biological bodies, is what keeps us anchored here making it difficult to access the powerful knowledge of our parallel, and higher dimensional selves.

In some cases advanced individuals may deeply access the collective consciousness of the astral dream plane known as the realm between life, and death.  A zone of infinite knowledge coalesced from all over the Universe since the pure consciousnesses of all beings who dream, or die end up there at some point.  When deeply dreaming, or Astral Projecting it’s possible to absorb information that you don’t already possess.

Mastery of Lucid Dreaming, or being aware that you’re actually dreaming, can lead to more access to hidden knowledge, and talents.  However most everyone loses the details once they wake up.  In some cases hypnosis can access whatever is retained in the elusive sub-conscious mind.  If you’re interested in accessing your parallel selves, and their potential in your real life then Quantum Jumping might be another course of action to make your dreams come true.

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