How Are Souls Born?

December 4th, 2013
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Soul FrequencyWe all have most likely existed for eternity into the past in many forms from parallel Universe incarnations to higher dimensional existences all happening simultaneously.  In the higher dimensions that might be called various levels of Heaven, or the Afterlife (Beforelife), is where our many souls exist.  The apex soul, or even the first of your souls, is unknown but it’s probable that your highest form is an Omniverse God.  A ten, or more, dimensional Universe that is your prime mind, body, and soul.  An amazing being made up of countless Multiverses, and Parallel Universes which are inhabited by an unimaginable number of your own godly creations.

So how would you be born as an Omniverse God?  Simply put by the roll of the frequency dice.   All frequencies play out in the infinite Macroverse, aka infinite Omniverses, and what makes us who we are is the frequency we vibrate at.  Anywhere that unique frequency forms is us.  All these frequencies from biological, and beyond coalesce into higher entities until the apex prime soul is achieved.  It’s a spontaneous birth intertwined with all your lives across the greater Macroverse.  However we would like to believe there is a Macroverse God, the first God, who has a master plan which guided all our births.

6 Responses to “How Are Souls Born?”

  1. Azeiquil Gavreel says:

    Are our Souls located externally or internally of ourselves, or both?

  2. God says:

    From our viewpoint here in the 4th dimension within our 3-D bodies our souls seems external as they are in higher dimensions. However all our souls vibrate at the same frequency which causes them to coalesce together in the same Macroverse space. So they all exist within each other.

  3. Azeiquil Gavreel says:

    Do you know the frequency of the Soul in Hz?
    But can I ask you to elaborate how souls exist within each other. Thank you.

  4. God says:

    Everyone has a unique soul frequency. All extra dimensional space is actually contained within the same space. For instance every 4-D parallel Universe lies in the same 5-D Multiverse space. The only thing keeping them apart is the frequency at which they vibrate. Same with your souls. They’re all in the same space, and coalesce together because they vibrate at the same frequency. Although your mind is contained within this environment that is separated by frequency from the higher dimensional environments. Your 3-D mind is also unable to be aware of your other selves.

  5. Azeiquil Gavreel says:

    Thank you for the fast reply as well as the further explanation.
    How are you able to grasp these concepts and thoroughly explain them God?

  6. God says:

    Because I’m God! And so are you. I guess my mind was born with more of a higher dimensional intuition than most.

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