Why Can’t Humanity Escape Enslavement?

July 26th, 2014
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The Same Alpha Pack Leader Mentality Of Our Animal Days Lives On In Our Human Governments
Enslaved Humanity FreedHumanity has been enslaved since the dawn of civilization.  The process of evolving from Animal to Animal-God Hybrid(Godlike in intelligent consciousness) meant keeping the basic structure of one Alpha leader ruling over the entire pack, or any given populace.  First it was royalty, Kings & Queens, and then a group of ruling legislative bodies.  Although it seems like each nation has one President or Prime Minister who calls the shots.  Despite the apparent evolution of governments, and economic systems, individual nations, and the entire planet are under the rule of an Oligarchy.  In other words the power, and the majority of the wealth are in the hands of a small percentage of the populace that are in essence the Alpha’s of the global human pack.  Sure there are several subsets of governments, and regional Oligarchies, but ultimately they all answer to a small group of elite ultra wealthy billionaires who have intermarried with royalty to create a powerful plutocratic class.  Royalty who realized they either had to appear to give up power, or face death by revolution from angry citizens.  Royalty who could appear powerless while secretly wielding great financial power around the world.   They also exude forth a false facade of love for the common person while appearing benevolent with their various charitable organizations which often spread death, disease, and misinformation around the world while appearing to do the opposite.

There came a point in history where the various royalty of empires, and nations found respect in each others
bloodlines that they see as superior to the common citizen.  Instead of warring they began to ally, and intermarry.  The current global Oligarchy manifested from European royalty.  Specifically the British Empire that realized it couldn’t withstand a tide of revolutionary nationalism among it’s colonies.  So they went rogue, and utilized corporate banking power to eventually control the planet in cooperation with royal-billionaire plutocrats from around the world.  Certainly there has been a recent cooperation with China’s elite.  China is seen as the ideal political-economic system.  A deep enslavement of the workforce populace while an elite class, and their corporations rake in most of the wealth, and benefits.  In addition to their corporations the plutocrats also have various secret organizations where global agendas are decided among the plutocrats, and decisions are directly dispersed to various trusted politicians, and lower ranking oligarchs.  Mainly those who have intermarried with top royal plutocrats or are easily blackmailed.  And of course through their corporations they own major mainstream media outlets, entertainment industries, and educational institutions to weave a false matrix to indoctrinate the public into believing what they so choose.

It seems humans will put up with a certain level of slavery, and will only commit to revolutionary change when pushed to a point where their personal lives are adversely affected.  Otherwise they are complacent, and fearful of governments when it should be government that fears the citizens who far out number them.  You may not see yourself as a slave in this modern world of many freedoms & luxuries but ask yourself how you’re as free as a King or a Queen when you must pay various direct taxes under force of penalty to governments including income, and property.  Without real ownership of land, property, and income you are a slave.  Are these royals better than you?  Do you not deserve to have the same rights as a King, Queen, or billionaire elite?

A governmental structure is necessary to prevent anarchy but thus far there has been no maximum limited
government that affords the common citizen real power, and freedom.  An incorruptible government that only protects a persons freedoms.  A government whose laws only pertain to crimes that cause harm to others.  The closest we’ve come is the United States in it’s early days under a Constitutional Republic political system, and Capitalist economic system.  However it was never 100% pure, and always corrupted from day one.   Clearly things have only gotten worse for the US, and all governments on Earth.  People partake of a revolution, or election, and then go right back to their personal lives leaving that pesky government stuff to someone else. Without the common citizens continued monitoring, and participation in government it can only turn tyrannical in nature.

No matter what political or economic system any given nation lives under the ultimate system that rules over the Earth is a plutocratic oligarchy.  Royal families whose power took to the shadows by intermarrying with the world first bankers who now operate on a global scale.  Global bankers who presently control the monetary systems of most nations on Earth.  Over the years they brought new billionaires into the corrupt fold. Their main method of ruling over nations is a political system of Corporatocracy in which the plutocratic ruling class owns majority stock in the major banks, and corporations of the planet who in turn wield major influence in the easily corrupted governments who founding documents were purposely left free of safeguards from day one.  Since this plutocratic banking class ends up funding both sides in wars they always have their people in place ready to go no matter who wins.  That’s why the US Constitution was so easily corrupted.  It’s like playing Chess against yourself.  In the end you’ll always win.

Unfortunately those seeking political office are corrupt individuals most of the time rather than people wanting to serve, and help their fellow citizens.  In fact the deeply controlled political party election processes keeps the good people down. The high level criminal politicians want wealth, and power so they’re easily bought off, and blackmailed through their indiscretions, or threat of having their life dismantled, by the plutocrats, and corporations.  Certainly even those with good intentions who make it through the system end up caving in to the pressures of corrupt colleagues, and relentless power players. The plutocrat and corporate loyal politicians naturally bring in representatives from the corporations to fill government posts.  The corporate lobbyists also supply insider trading information that is used to make the politicians wealthy so there’s no money trail of bribes.  Things also work out nicely when corporate beneficial legislation is drafted.  The corporation gets their way while the politicians uses the pre-knowledge to invest, and get richer.  It’s no coincidence so many government officials are millionaires.  Since the governments control the economic system we end up with a global system of Corporate Capitalism, or Crony Capitalism.  This rigged system means a further increase in wealth for the plutocrats whose goal is to drain the wealth, and power of the general populace.  It also further empowers a handful of mega multinational corporations while others are driven out of business by the unfair market, and insane government regulations, fees, taxes, etc. that don’t seem to apply to the elite corporations.

This mass corruption of the government, economy, corporate owned mainstream propaganda media, entertainment industry, and education system is why society seems to be descending further into hell.  Especially with the purposeful corruption of the traditional moral foundations of society that once kept order. The same politicians keep getting re-elected despite doing nothing much to help the common citizen while doing so much for the corporations.  People just keep falling for the same rhetoric.  They’re too easily fooled by the masterful political actors.  Even when they aren’t, and a revolution occurs in a nation, the government is just replaced by another set of corrupt plutocrat-corporate cronies.  The only way humanity will ever be free is to join together, and have the first global revolution that would take down the real old political powers on Earth.  The top .0001% criminal oligarchy that is a black plague upon humanities progress into complete Godhood status!

Hopefully humankind will wise up before it’s too late, and finally set themselves free from the shackles of these Classic Villiancenturies old slave masters.  Then we can actually try out a number of political, and economic systems in their pure form to see what works best.  Although the amazing success of the United States, the freest nation there ever was, proves that a free populace is an extremely productive populace that has the potential to spread wealth to everyone.  A hint at the dream of a future paradise utopia.  It’s time for humanity to break free of their Alpha animal pack shackles.  It might work well for animals but in humans it’s simply slavery.  As pre-Gods humans are meant to be free never having to deal with government unless they bring harm to another pre-God, or stand in the way of their right to be free.  Stop being fooled by the carefully crafted criminal actors who spew forth the rhetoric you want to hear but never follow through with their wonderful sounding promises.  Whether they be politicians, royalty, billionaires, or celebrities nobody is going to be blatantly evil in the open while twirling their handle bar mustache, and laughing maniacally.  Without deception they wouldn’t have held power for so long.  Once humanity gets past being so easily fooled, and judging a book by it’s cover only then can they start to see their reality has been a lie perpetuated by a plutocratic elite corporate system of tyranny!  Getting through this dangerously awkward stage in society is one of the major hurdles to achieving Godhood as a species.

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