The Ultimate Cause Of All Psychological Disorders

March 18th, 2017
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Mental IllnessMental Illness is an imbalance in our emotional enchantment that perpetuates a number of disorders affecting our mood, thinking and behavior. Often to the detriment of leading a so called normal life. Certainly for some there are genetic predispositions, and biochemical factors in play with the human brain, and its ability to cause psychological disorders. For many with mental issues the cause is one, or more, undesirable environmental incidents. Repeatedly over the course time this can cause damaging thought patterns to occur that may wear away at one’s very spirit. It is simply too much hell on an Earth so seriously lacking in paradise. Whether it be mild, or extreme in nature. Ultimately the root cause of all mental disease is our Godlike spirit intertwined, and locked into a biological body. In essence an evolved Primate form. All animals can suffer mental health issues when put into abusive situations. Especially when held in captivity. However humans are the Kings when it comes to the wide array of psychological disorders. Read The Rest Of This Article At The Mystic Investigations Health Blog….

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