Worshiping Other Humans Enslaves Humanity

October 3rd, 2011

The worship of royalty, wealthy elites, and of course celebrities has been a problem since the dawn of civilization.  This notion that other humans are better than others and have the right to have power over others has kept us enslaved and unenlightened forever.  If not for this human worship the wealthy elites wouldn’t have the power to rule the world through their corporations, banks, and mainstream media.   The world of entertainment and celebrity plays into conditioning us into accepting the evils of our society.  As long as we don’t see each other as equals we’ll never advance as a species on this planet.  The disgusting over-exciting frenzy of the masses in the presence of celebrities and royalty is sickening and illustrates the pathetic nature of the human race.

Until the masses realize that the wealthy elites and celebrities could care less about them, we will never escape this planet of poverty, crime, war, and disease.  The top 1% and their minions have control over our elected governments at the highest levels and are able to manipulate the economic markets in this corporatist system.   They are the reason for recessions, depressions, wars, terrorism, and the sorry state of many people’s lives.  Humanity must no longer worship other humans and instead must expose the evils of the wealthy elites to free itself from their shackles.  This is the first step toward the entire human race ascending to Godhood as a whole society someday.

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