If God Created Everything Then Who Created God?

August 2nd, 2013
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God Creating RealityThe religion of Godhoodism tells us that there are near infinite Gods.  Many of which evolved from biological beings such as ourselves, and including ourselves.  However ultimately when speaking of God we are talking about the first, and only eternal infinite God.  The Macroverse God, or the very Macroverse itself.  The Macroverse being the entire infinite mind of this one God in which everything exists.    From him all things sprung forth either directly or indirectly.   There can be only one God since being infinite implies encompassing everything.  This God exists far outside the parameters of time as we know it, and he in fact created time.  Therefore the absence of time explains to an extent how he could have always existed without creation.  This brings about the interesting enigma of making biological beings, and civilizations being infinite, and eternal as well since God would have always been creating them within his consciousness without a beginning.  He has nothing else to do after all since he only has his mind, and nothing else outside of himself.

This leads us to a theory that he may of been born.  Since intimate objects can’t create themselves, and there as no conscious beings before God then what could have created him?  What could have existed before even him?  The patterns of evolution in everything from astronomical formations to biological life in our Universe could hold a clue.  Perhaps these patterns always existed even before God.  Since God is pure thought then could it be that unorganized random pure thoughts were something that always inexplicably existed?  A pool of infinite pure waves that were completely meaningless yet held every piece of information that would end up being our reality, and beyond.  These waves randomly washed against each other, and over time similar waves coalesced.  Eventually creating complex patterns that led to a conscious matrix forming into the mind of the first sentient being to ever exist.

At the moment of his conception he was probably no more coherent than an Amoeba but grew in intelligence as he pieced the puzzle of the pure thought pool together into an order of perfection that grew his ever expanding mind.  In this scenario there is something outside the mind of God which would imply he himself isn’t infinite since his mind would continue expanding forth, and assimilating the unordered thought waves into the matrix of his mind. That then brings into question if other Gods may have randomly evolved from the infinite pool of pure thought.  If so then perhaps these Gods end up meeting, and then joining together into even greater consciousnesses.  Although it would theoretically be impossible for any of them, or even all of them together, to ever really encompass the entire infinite pool of pure thought.

So were left with either one infinite God, or multiple Gods with a beginning making the Macroverse a pool of inanimate pure thought whose origins are unknown. Of course we’re left with the enigma of this pool of thought always existing outside of time which means a God, or Gods, would have been born from it going back into eternity which again brings us back to the prospect of biological beings, and civilizations being infinite, and always existing.  Clearly we are nothing special, and there has been infinite beings who have existed before us!  The amount of life existing in our Macroverse must be beyond comprehension!

There’s also the possibility that the pool of pure thought actually is an infinite consciousness of a type we can’t really comprehend.  So insanely vast that all it could do is cycle through the random thoughts throwing them into varying patterns as the God would having nothing else to do, and would not know what else to do with itself.  Then observing the evolution of the thought patterns into conscious beings lead to the concept of creating more life in progressively lower dimensional forms trying to encompass every mathematical thought pattern possible.   Each new consciousness brings order to an area of once chaotic thoughts.  This means God must continue creating new Gods directly, or indirectly by the hand of random evolution, or other Gods with the ultimate goal of  bringing perfect peaceful order to his unmanageable Macroverse mind even if it is an impossible goal.

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