Why Does Evil Exist?

September 2nd, 2011

The various man made religions claim that God is 100% good and evil came from fallen angels and humankind.  They also say free will is the reason as well.  Really though God has the power to create only good beings so under that scenario free will would still exist.   If the Universe was created by God then we must conclude that evil had to come from him as well.  God is the source of everything that exists.  All beings have the potential for good and evil within them.  God is no exception whether we’re talking about the original God who is the Macroverse or the various ascended Gods who were once lower beings.  Although we assume God is mostly good, there can be no denying that evil must reside there as well even if it’s in a latent sub-conscious form.

So then we ask ourselves why does God allow evil to exist when he could easily eradicate it with one thought?  Evil is allowed for our own growth and to give us a purpose in our existence.   It also opens up a plethora of scenarios that an infinite mind would naturally want to play out.  A perfect paradise of 100% good would get boring for God and his creations and would result in perpetual Universal stagnation.  People would be perpetual innocent children incapable of growth into real adulthood and certainly never into Godhood.  It’s simply impossible to grow without experiencing the near infinite scenarios in an Omniverse where evil exists.  As much as we hate it we know deep down that we would get terribly tired of an eternal paradise where we could never hope to grow in any meaningful way.  We can however look forward to escaping the evils and hells of this reality by ascending to the afterlife of Angelhood and eventually Godhood where nothing bad can touch or hurt us ever again for all eternity.

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