Did We Create God?

November 4th, 2011
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The original God who started the Macroverse, which eventually spawned our Omniverse, either always existed or was born from a pool of random pure thoughts of unknown origin.  Although it’s possible that pool of random non-sentient thoughts could have accidentally sparked a big bang setting off a chain of events that lead to the existence of countless Universes, and unimaginable amounts of sentient beings who eventually ascend to Godhood.  If that was the case then it’s possible someone or an entire collective consciousness of the first society of sentient beings could have filled the Macroversal Godhood void.  Or perhaps the power of pure thought through the collective consciousness of countless civilizations across an astronomical number of Omniverses could have caused the coalescing of the pure thought pool to enable the birth of the original God.  It could also be a combination of self-birth helped along by the thoughts of biological beings who already existed within the temporal Universe.

The same could be said for the God of our Omniverse but the most likely would be a God who might merely encompass a Multiverse, or series of common parallel Universes.  Probably only on a planetary scale since the collective consciousness of religious beliefs on one planet would bring them into existence.  This opens the possibility of several Gods of the Earth religions to exist.  It even makes the existence of Greek, and Roman Gods real.  However then we must ask what happens to these Gods when nobody believes in them anymore?  Such as is the case of ancient Gods.  Do they rely on our pure thought to survive, or are they eternal once born?  Are they not real but merely holographic like projections of ourselves, and therefore would blink out of existence if not enough people believe in them?  Once we ascend to Godhood after death, or as a society in the distant future we will finally know the answers to these questions.

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