The Awkward State Of Human Evolution

May 12th, 2015
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Godhood AscensionThe video above joking mentions the very real sadness, and emptiness humans often feel for apparently no reason.  Those unsettling feelings, and many psychological issues are mainly due to the unfortunate state of evolution we’re in along with the unnatural state of our society. We’re in essence experiencing the awkward teenage years of our species. The sorry state of an animal evolving self-aware sapience instead of the blissful ignorance of simple survival in Mother Nature. Things get worse once complex civilizations form, and people begin to question the mindlessness of their existence now far removed from the heart of the planet no longer in tune with nature. Now the daily struggle of survival in the wilds doesn’t exist anymore to drive us onward with purpose.  Rather we now live to make money. As Animal-God Hybrids (animal bodies-godlike minds) we must make the unpleasant journey that will finally lead to the ultimate reward. The future higher dimensional ascension to Godhood, and complete freedom to explore all of reality. Even sometimes returning to our pure animal roots in spirit form.  The plausible self-creation of a higher dimensional Afterlife that could save everyone who ever lived on Earth!  Presuming it’s source doesn’t come from a higher dimensional source.  Either way it already exists since it’s outside our space-time, and from that perspective all of our history is one present point.  Of course we believe in parallel Afterlives to play out all scenarios just as is done in life through parallel Universes.

A simple way to cope with the angst of being not quite animal, and far from Godhood is to accept the fact that you will be a God at some point, and actually are at this moment in the higher dimensions existing outside our temporal dimension.  Enforce your higher state of being with Meditation, and Creative Visualization of your assured status as a God whose emotions aren’t beholden to other beings, this planet, nor this physical plane of reality!  Your placement here is only a temporary blip in time while your existence as a God is eternal!  Quantum Jumping is another method of improving your emotional status by culling the minds of your parallel Universe selves for support.

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