Under What Circumstances Could the Christian Bible Be A True Story?

September 2nd, 2011

Or the texts of other religions for that matter?  The Bible and other holy books claiming to come from God portray God as being cruel and even evil in a number of instances along with him advocating various evils.  The only way the Bible could be the word of God is if in fact this Universe was a simulation in a quantum computer or some other type of computer system.  A highly advanced simulation where we are sentient simulations created by a biological being of some type. 

There’s simply no way an infinite all intelligent being could have inspired any of the religious texts on Earth. If that was the case then everything in them would be rightous and good no matter what time period they were read in.  The writings would be so beautiful that it would bring tears of joy to every humans eyes and they would just know deep down it was written by God.  Unfortunately that is not the case and there’s also the fact that religion has been a control mechanism used by the power elite which has spawned violence, hatred, and a stunted view of the Universe that has held back science and society for centuries.  Everything in the Universe was clearly made to look natural so why would God interject a religion and reveal himself in a half assed manner?  Why would he allow the religions of mankind to twist and change his words and make up a number of new things not written in the texts?  The Catholic Church is a prime example of this.  They believe in numerous things not even mentioned in the Bible.

So in conclusion if the Bible does turn out to be true and the “Book Of Revelation” turns out to be true then we’re all in deep trouble because our simulated lives are at the mercy of some computer programmer(s) whose clearly evil.  Even if it was a real God we should be really worried as well because none of us is safe in a Universe with a God that advocates torture, slavery, and other atrocities.  Really though it could only be a lower being or beings that came up with the Bible and other religious books.  An ascended God with the knowledge and experiences of all the parallel Universes and Multiverses, or especially the original God could give us a book one trillion times more amazing with consistent righteous lessons that propel humankind to peace and prosperity without threats, guilt, and violence.  Without empowering the evil wealthy elites, the corrupt religions, and the governments of the world.  It’s time accept that our destiny is greater than being perpetual children of God and being subservient to government.  It’s time to throw off the mental crutches of religion and government reliance that keep you from being a real adult.  Just as we grow in life so do we grow in death.  We ascend to Angelhood, Godhood, and beyond!

Unfortunately after writing this I thought of another scenario where the Bible could be true.  Since the Universe is composed of pure thought at it’s foundation and our own thoughts have power over our reality, it’s possible that the collective human consciousness could have conjured up the Christian God by believing in the Bible.  In other words a God that would do exactly what it says in the Book Of Revelation or maybe even altered past reality to make the entire Bible true since he would exist outside of time.  However this is extremely far fetched since we would like to think that the original God who rules over the entire Macroverse would not allow such a God to exist.  Luckily however in this case he would only be the God of this Multiverse or the set of parallel Universes where are particular brand of Christianity existed.  So theoretically he could not stand in the way of your ascension to Godhood which would be guarded by the God of this Omniverse or the original God of the Macroverse.

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