The Exponential Processing Power Of Our Higher Dimensional Minds

August 30th, 2014
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Soul GenerationWhen we imagine existing in the higher dimensional afterlife we visualize it from our current viewpoint limited to our 3-D biological brain.  We can of course somewhat grasp our five dimensional self, or higher, being quite different due to the culmination of all our incarnations in the amazing number of parallel Universes.  Certainly our wealth of knowledge amassed over the Multiverse expanse would be indescribable. Then we assume our four dimensional soul will pretty much be who we are now except for having instant recall of every single moment we’ve existed in the Universe. However we are forgetting the amazing intelligence we will wield simply due to the processing power via the higher dimensional equivalent of neural networking with all our lower dimensional selves.

For instance our 4-D soul is a unification of all our 3-D selves frozen at every smallest time increment or Plank Unit.  In Plank Time one year is equal to about 585 Quindecillion (585 with 48 zeros after it!) 3-D minds frozen in time!  If one lives for 80 years that’s a staggering 4.680181650886 x 10+52 that would apart of your 4-D neural network that composes the astronomical intelligence of your higher dimensional mind.  Now imagine all your 4-D souls unifying into a 5-D soul.  Even higher up the unification of your 5-D selves in every Multiverse within our Omniverse. This process of ascension, and unification of our lower dimensional selves theoretically continues for eternity into the infinite dimensions of existence above. Now you can see why you would ascend to Godhood with an incomprehensible intelligent mind that no super computer would ever hope to attain in all of human history!

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