What Is The Solution For A Government Of The People?

January 3rd, 2013
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How Can The United States Be Restored To A Non-Corrupt Constitutional Republic rather than a corrupt corporatist globalist imperialist regime?

Constitional RepublicFirstly, enough people need to wake up, and realize that the Federal government, and the other levels of government by example, are illegal in nature due to their repeated violation of the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land.  The entire election system, and government is controlled by the Republican, and Democrat parties which are in turn controlled by the international banking establishment, and mega multinational corporations through the buying off of members of Congress through insider trading.  That’s why we have so many millionaires in Congress.  No need for direct bribes when you can just give them insider information on what to invest in or request legislation which of course the politicians can use to invest in advance of bill passage.  Next demand the resignation, or recall, every Congressperson, and Senator who clearly violates the Constitution.    Anyone who sits idly by, and does not question the over extension of Executive branch powers should no longer serve the people since they are clearly in collusion with the law breakers.  Anyone supporting foreign wars is also an excellent candidate for losing their government position since no nation has yet to attack our home soil.  Pretending to fight terror, take down evil dictators, and provide humanitarian assistance while in fact appropriating natural resources, seizing assets, and installing a privately controlled monetary system for the banks, and corporations is not within the purview of the Federal government.

There needs to be major election reform that includes the eradication of political parties, and electronic voting.  Voting is the one thing that should remain in paper form, and only tabulated at the local level to prevent election fraud which is no rampant.  In addition the days of the career politician must end.  One short term for all offices.  Ideally any of age citizen with a high school diploma who can pass a test about the Constitution should be able to enter their name in a volunteer pool.  From there random candidates are chosen.   No political donations are allowed, and each candidate is given the same funds by the government to run a campaign.  Any normal citizen should be able to become a US Senator, or Congressperson.  They should then only serve a one year term because frankly Congress shouldn’t really be doing much under the Constitution which limits their powers.  The Executive branch should be doing even less.  The States, and levels below should be doing most of the governing under the 10th amendment.  During that one year of service they should only need to meet one weekend a month.  If anything requires them to take off from their real job at home to attend Congress then by law their employer would grant them leave just as a military person is granted.  The pay would be minimal as they are meant to be volunteers.  There would be no additional benefits.  We want people who really care about making this nation better, and not those who want to profit or have power.

Once Congress is back in the hands of the people then so will the Executive, and Judicial branches as well.  This method of election reform should be done at all levels of government to restore State Legislators, County, and local governments to the people as well.  In addition the 17th amendment should be repealed so the States have representation in Congress again.  If Congress cannot be restored to Constitutional order then 34 State Legislators would have to call an Article V Constitutional Convention to disband Congress, or even the entire government for a fresh start.  38 states would have to ratify an amendment stipulating this action.  All the measures mentioned above will drive out the war mongering corporatists, and restore the United States to a Constitutional Republic of peace, and a true force of good in the world.

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