The Mormon’s Concept Of Ascended Godhood Is Flawed

January 28th, 2013
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We agree with the woman in the video that the Mormon religion is unfairly created for men while women are merely the subjects of them. It’s clearly another man made religion that was gleamed from the truth in some ways. Godhoodism believes that all people are equal no matter what their gender is. In fact people might be their opposite gender in parallel Universes. After all what are the odds that you would be born as the same gender in countless trillions of alternate realities? All Men, and Women who are judged good will ascend to Angelhood, and then eventual Godhood status to start their own Universes.

We understand how Mormonism has turned her back to traditional Christianity that treats people merely as Gods children who will in essence stagnate for all eternity floating about Heaven, or living in some Earthly Amish paradise depending on which sect of Christianity you’re speaking of. The Mormon belief that God was once a biological person such as ourselves is true. The God we speak of is the Omniverse God whose entire mind is the Omniverse in which we live. The Omniverse being the vast collection of Multiverses which contain all the parallel Universes where all possible scenarios within reason are played out so everyone has a fair, and equal life in comparison to others in the end. The Omniverse God could be a man, or a woman. God could also be a combination of soul mates both man, and woman. Many religions on our Earth have some aspects of the truth within them but unfortunately they’ve been tainted by the desires of mankind in order to control, and manipulate people as they see fit.

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