Could Vampires Exist In Alternate Universes?

December 1st, 2012
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VampiressWithin the mind of God all scenarios of his choosing are played out.  We know not how far he is willing to go as he prepares the worthy for their eventual ascension to Godhood.   Some probabilities are played out only in his private mind while the rest are directed into the open Universes in which we exist.  Parallel Universes in which we exist as multiple selves simultaneously living out an amazing plethora of lives similar to the ones we have now along with ones that may seem beyond bizarre.  These peculiarities of our parallel lives could includes that of the supernatural.  This means we may have dealt with vampires or are vampires in an alternate reality.  Some say the immortal living dead exist here among us lurking in the shadows of our current Universe.  Even if they don’t it’s a fair bet that some form of vampires exists in another Universe within our vast Multiverse.

These vampires could be an unusual product of evolution, a disease caused by a unique virus, the result of dark magic being employed upon humans, or that of demon DNA mingling with humans in some form.  Some in the paranormal investigations community believe vampires are the result of a demon possessing a human to the point of altering it’s DNA, and then mating with a human to create the first generation of vampires.  The only vampires to actually be born rather than transformed by another of their kind via a demonic virus.  Such vampires are vulnerable to religious artifacts due to their demonic lineage while vampires formed solely from evolution, or a non-demonic virus would not.

There’s also a chance that they could exist in this reality as extraterrestrials.  The Universe is so beyond vast that it’s plausible that alien evolution could produce a vampire like creature.  A hoard could invade Earth someday, and suck us all dry of our life giving blood before they moved on to another planet full of life.  If vampires don’t currently exist on this Earth then odds are pretty decent that humanity will run across aliens in the distant future who live off of blood, and have greatly enhanced physical abilities.

Since everything that exists is supernatural simply due to existing within the mind of God then anything is possible including vampires, and plethora of other paranormal entities.  His thoughts become reality in our lives, and our thoughts, especially as a collective consciousness, can become reality as well.  Singularly, and together we wield the magic of pure thought which is the foundation of our reality.  Some say the ancient Gods of Greece, and Rome actually existed due to humans inadvertently willing it to be so.  Could it be that vampires could come into existence this way?  If not here then perhaps we’ve spawned a parallel Universe adjacent to ours that contains the vampire menace.  With so many vampire novels, movies, and television shows the lore is in all of our minds.  If enough people believe then anything is possible.  Especially when we know that our destiny lies in the Heavens as future ascended Gods whose wisdom comes from their near infinite lives in the nearly infinite parallel Universes in which we exist.

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