What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Existence?

July 16th, 2011

Ultimately since everything occurs within the pure thought mind matrix of the one original eternal God, the purpose of life is simply to acquire perfection. Said perfection is to experience or simulate every scenario possible within his mind thereby acquiring all knowledge that is possible to acquire. This includes his creations of Universes and various sentient beings whose free will further expands the plethora of possibilities and information.

This also includes us eventually ascending into Gods ourselves and creating our own Universe and sentient beings within our mind. We ascend to Godhood through the near infinite parallel lives we lead in the near infinite parallel Universes where we collect near infinite experiences and knowledge. In the after life all your parallel selves are unified into one soul.

The purpose of life is to ascend to Godhood to play out all mathematical combinations of near infinite scenarios for ourselves and to add to the information base of the collective consciousness so as to acquire a unified perfection. That may sound cold and boring but you have to remember there’s a lot of action, and excitement along the way to achieve this goal. Your life in this particular reality is but a molecule of water in a sea of infinite pure thought full of every infinite possibility and beyond.

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