The Three Factors That Shape Us To Be Good Or Evil

October 16th, 2009
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Those factors being spirit, genetics, and environment.  The spirit or soul is our real selves in pure thought form collecting all our memories from all the near infinite parallel lives within the near infinite parallel Universes within the Macroverse aka the mind of the original infinite God.  All souls are created equal yet having free will enters the question of whether that soul will be good or evil.   All souls also have supernatural powers beyond our wildest dreams.  Unfortunately we can’t live our various lives and experience all manner of life scenarios if we all were supernaturally amazing and free to go anywhere in the macroverse instantly.  God has placed us in our biological confines or used his thoughts to make it appear that way.  Our brains are the organ that translates our soul into consciousness in this reality.  Everything that we are is not caused by nor contained within our biological brains.  If our brain ceases to exist we still live on in our soul.  Think of it as a device that communicates with our soul.  It sends data our brain collects to our spirit and it filters in a certain amount of consciousness, the base essence of who we are.   Genetics determine how much of that supernatural consciousness we get access to.

The second factor that shapes us is genetics aka DNA.  The code that programs our bodies including our brain discussed above.  When a brain is produced that gives a person superior intelligence then that person has more of their supernatural spirit filtered into their mind.  On the other hand a person born mentally retarded has a lot less access to their souls power.  Environment can also destroy a smart brain through accidents thereby denying them the access to their real spirit self they once had.   Our genetics not only determine intelligence within our brains but also the building block of how we’ll handle the various situations in our environment.  The very environment that will add to the programming our brain came with at birth which can include susceptibility to mental illnesses and being influenced by those smarter than you.  Our genetics also provide for our looks which is a big factor in shaping who we are as being good looking can open up a world of opportunities and positive interactions with people yet having charisma and a positive character can do the same even with less than attractive looks.  Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Your DNA will in addition determine which diseases you will be susceptible to or maybe even cause some on their own.  So genetics can be a big component limiting your access to the power of your soul, the power of your mind, and the health of your body.  Still environment can be the biggest obstacle to happiness and success in life.

Even with genetics stacked against them a person can have an amazing life if their environment supports them.  That being raised by great loving parents, having good friends, living in a safe place, having access to wealth, opportunities, etc.  Most often though things aren’t perfect whether it be abusive parents, being victimized, living in a dangerous war torn country full of poverty,etc.  The greatest shaping of who we will be in this particular Universe takes place in childhood as our growing brains collect the data from our daily experiences and program our minds.  Things can also be drastically changed through traumatic experiences caused by the death of others, accidents, and bodily injury debilitating or otherwise.  We are ever changing as we program our minds on a daily basis sub-consciously.  None of us are the same person we were 10 years ago and certainly almost nothing like we were in childhood.   Still even in the most heinous of environments there are lines of evil we will never cross if in fact our souls are truly good in nature.  Those whose spirits are evil may be good in many parallel realities but evil in the majority.

Our soul is the foundation of who we are.  What besides free will determines a soul to be good or evil if they’re all created equal?  In this reality people use genetics and environment as an excuse for the existence of evil people but in fact it’s the spirit.  Those other two factors just bring out the evil more easily and test the limits of those who are indeed good.   It’s the same thing as a person not being able to be hypnotized to do something they wouldn’t morally do when fully conscious.  The sub-conscious is our closest link to our soul and it’s also the part of our mind that stands in the way of accessing our full power.  Mastery of the sub-conscious is accessing your soul to the fullest possible.

So back to the question of what causes a soul to be good or evil when no genetics and environment are factors.  Or are there equivalents?   My theory has been that our souls lie dormant in a realm of pure thought outside our physical reality collecting all our memories and experiences from all our lives we ever lived in the macroverse.  Only awakening upon all our deaths ready to start a new after life leading to ascension to Godhood from the good.   The evil souls never awaken and disintegrate as evil memories infest the pure thought matrix like a cancer only when they begin to outnumber the good thoughts.  Some might be borderline yet awaken in their soul and realize the error of their ways learning their lesson and given a second chance.  With their wealth of knowledge they can utilize the lessons they learned realizing that evil is not the way to go. 

In essence I’m comparing a soul to a fetus growing inside a mother.  The day you die your born again.  The soul grows to maturity through the memories of all your lives rather than growing biologically.  Your instead growing your knowledge base or your very mind which is all that a soul is.  A being of pure thought will infinite potential unfettered by space, time or any other factors.  All your experience good and bad have been dealt with and are equal in volume although I like to think the good far outweighs the bad.  Being that our souls are outside time that means we already exists and are living our afterlife now already ascended to Godhood.  It’s hard to fathom what it would be like to live outside of time but more than likely our souls have been around since the beginnings of time itself.  This means the maturation time of our souls  is zero.  The minute God created our spirits the memories of our lives enter it instantly and we became super-conscious instantly.  Who you are here and now is but a tiny fragment of who you really are.  Who your soul is as a sentient being.

God made each spirit with the same equal amount of infinite pure thought power.  That could be thought of as the equivalent of genetics or the imbuing of his higher spirit upon yours.  In this realm of pure thought our environment is perfect so there’s no problem there.  The equivalent of our genetics there could be the memories we got from our previous parallel lives but then again those lives are shaped by our spirit.  What we have here is an infinite circle.  A “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” scenario.   A mind boggling prospect that appears to make no sense to our limited minds in this reality.   An evil person being evil due to their spirit being evil but that spirit is evil due to the evil lives they led beforehand?!?

Note above that I said God made each spirit with the same equal amount of infinite pure thought.   Of course outside the physical Universe in the realm of pure thought everything is infinite or has the potential to be infinite.  Although only the original God attains true infinity.  I didn’t mention if that pure thought was good or evil.  God shapes an independent thought matrix and imbues his sentient spirit within it creating a new soul.  We must assume God has both good and evil in him as everything springs forth from God.  If he was either one fully then our reality would reflect that as we shape our reality being his offspring in essence.  Most people have shown themselves to be more good than evil so we can assume God is mostly Good as well.  That being said however could he pass that evil on to our souls?  The answer is yes.  Nobody is 100% good.  Not even God.  When we say a person is good we mean they’re mostly good.  The same with an evil person as nobody is 100% evil or at least I hope not.  Even if they appear good most of the time it’s a deception to blend in with their environment.

So souls have the same potential for good and evil.  I don’t believe God would damn a soul from day one by imbuing it with more evil than others.  The good and bad experiences of the lives we live in the parallel Universes equals out so everyone gets their fair share of both.  Our lives in individual realities may not be fair but in the grand scheme of things all will be fair and justice will be had.  We are then left with my original mind boggling chicken and egg scenario to explain why a soul would be evil.  The evil soul never awakens and disintegrates into nothingness from the infestation of evil thoughts.  So forgetting that the soul exists outside time we’re left with a soul that blinks into nonexistence the instant it comes into existence.  Another mind boggling conundrum and perhaps even making the term “soulless” a reality for extremely evil individuals.  Still their soul does exist in order to link their near infinite lives together.  In the end only God can explain why a soul can be evil and he is the only one who can judge the fine line between good and evil.

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