The Reason Why Our Planet And Society Is So Messed Up

November 5th, 2009
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Simply put humans in general are just to damned gullible and easily brainwashed by the environment around them as manipulated by those more clever than themselves.  In fact everyones in on the act of deceit as they utilize their smoozing techniques to get their way in life whether it be for money, relationships or whatever else it is they desire.  Religious brainwashing has caused an amazing amount of damage to the progress of our civilization over the many thousands of years but by far the worst is the fact that the most qualified people for any particular position especially that of national power never end up in that position.  Such political, corporate, and rich elite power goes to those who smooze the best or in other words manipulate people with their charisma, charm, witty repartee, and many times their good looks.  People far more qualified for positions end up being overlooked for nothing more than slick salesman.  Naturally those in power behind the political scenes want to back a guy whose going to win and in order to win at anything in life people need to smooze and tell people what they want to hear.  If not for this factor of the human mind I believe our planet would be an enlightened and advanced star traveling society by now.

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