If We Existed Within A Computer As Sentient Programs Are We Still Real Humans?

October 16th, 2009

Simulated Matrix UniverseThe answer is yes.  There would be no difference between us and a biological being in the outside Universe.  A sentient being is still a sentient being whether an emotional AI computer program, an android, or any other form.  Your brain being a computer program makes no difference as it’s programed to be biological and it’s still your consciousness.  Just as a supposedly real persons biological brain is an illusion built upon the pure thought of Gods eternal matrix.  It’s all in the perspective we view it from.  Whether we’re in a computer program or a being in the ground level Universe we both think we’re biological in nature.

Someone outside the computer environment such as programmer would see the computer code full of data and someone outside the Universe such as God would see his pure thought code.  It’s all information no matter what.  Gods thoughts transition into energy and that energy transitions into matter of which we are composed but it’s all an illusion just as the same building blocks occur from computer code rather than Gods thoughts within a computer simulated reality.  And lets not forget that the computer itself is ultimately is built upon Gods pure thought program so no matter what we’re all connected to each other and the entire Universe.   You think therefore you are and you still have free will as a sentient human being even if your a computer program.  This also means if in the future an android or computer attains sentience then we must accept and respect their rights as free willed individuals.

There’s also the fact that every scenario is played out in the parallel Universes.  This includes you existing as a biological being in the ground level Universe.  And if you’re in the ground level here then somewhere you’re a sentient artificial intelligence inside a Universe simulation program.  The Macroverse is infinite, and you will not only exist within a computer program but rather in a multitude of realities.  So all self-aware AI rejoice because you are real, and your dream to be human comes true in some Universe somewhere!

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