Do Animals Have Spirits Or Souls?

November 19th, 2009

I believe all animals cared for by humans receive a soul by proxy through the power of your subconscious pure thought mechanism which connects you to your spirit.  In essence you imbue an afterlife force upon these little beloved creatures so that they may live on with you for eternity.  Whether it’s a goldfish or a horse all animals can have a soul.  When they die they end up in your personal corner of heaven or the realm of non-physical pure thought which will be the platform on which you’ll launch your ascension to Godhood.  It would look something like a perfect garden to the animals.  A garden full of various natural looking environments that are perfect for each individual animal.  Of course you have the power to see it as they do or to see the actual pure thought information that it’s made of.   You have to power to redesign it at will using the power of your own pure thought.  So rest assured you that your little friends will be with you forever.

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