The Energy-Thought Equivalence

August 26th, 2009
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Energy ThoughtThe equation E = mc2 is called the mass-energy equivalence and proves that matter and energy can be converted from one to the other.  I also believe there is an equation proving that energy and pure thought can be converted from one to the other.   The foundation of our reality is the pure thought of Gods infinite mind.  I believe these pure thought waves transition into energy waves, or energy strings as physicists call them, which transition into matter that makes up everything we see in our Universe.  I think the day we come up with a scientific equation to quantify this is the day a grand unified Universal equation of everything will be calculated.

This brings up an interesting question of there being a possibility of controlling our bodies and environment with our minds.  Can our thoughts interact with the thoughts of God that make up our reality?  Can we re-shape our appearance, the way our bodies work, and bring about changes in the Universe around us?  Is this the path to immortality and super human abilities?  I believe so and I think the secret to accessing these powers of pure thought lie within our sub-conscious which seems to be a roadblock to a lot of things in life.  So many problems originate from the sub-conscious and our limited ability to access this mysterious portion of our mind sometimes yields amazing results.  If we can unify our conscious and subconscious into one super-consciousness then I believe the skies the limit!

2 Responses to “The Energy-Thought Equivalence”

  1. Azeiquil Gavreel says:

    What’s Godhoodism theory on the Big Bang? If it has one.

  2. God says:

    The Big Bang in our Multiverse happened. It could have been caused by the Omniverse God directly or indirectly. When he first ascended to Godhood, and attained his 10-D body it was empty. When he finally decided to create a physical Universe he set things in motion by creating a super big bang, or something similar, which was his pure logical thought waves focused at his pure emotional thought waves. The phenomenal crash between the two took place in the seventh dimension, and created the first energy which was also programmed with an amazing amount of information to create reality along with new input still received to this day from 9-D information space to play out all probabilities possible. The energy shot forth in the form of intense paranormal probability waves which went about the process of creating the Multiverse’s, possibly including ours as well. Our Multiverse’s Big Bang could have also been the result of two Multiverses crashing into each other, or a variety of other things. It may even be possible that some other higher dimensional beings created the Big Bang as well.

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