The False Godhood Of Governments

September 30th, 2009

GovernmentGovernment is indeed necessary as the anarchy that would ensue in their absence is unacceptable.  Yet to my knowledge no government on Earth is free of tyranny whether it be local, county, provincial, state or national.   National governments being the worst when it comes to the wrongful practice of false Godhood with their officials perpetrating premature Godhood.  Communism and fascism run rampant on this planet.  Many times wrapped within the warm cozy cloak of false democracy.  The United States is one of the worst offenders in this arena of deceptive political systems.  Proclaiming we are a democracy of freedom (despite being a Constitutional Republic) when in fact we are secretly a corporatist plutocracy where the top .0001% wealthy elites, and their corporations run the government, and the economy.  This corrupt regime also displays many socialist tendencies as well.

It’s sad because the original intent of the founding fathers were that of wise men who knew that premature Godhood is wrong especially when it shackles fellow future Gods and turns them into slaves.  Those of us who are good will ascend to Godhood upon death as it is the next logical step from adulthood.  A government entity will never be God yet those who run it could be and it’s morally wrong to inflict the torture of tyranny on us.  One of the most heinous atrocities on our Constitutional liberties granted to us by the founding fathers is the Income tax enacted in 1913.  It enslaves all of us by denying citizens life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It violates a number of Constitutional amendments including the 13th which outlaws slavery.  Since we work free a potion of the year in order to pay the government we are indeed slaves.  Our nation got along fine before 1913 and giving the government access to our wallets gave them all the power.  The power to grow into a bloated socialist welfare regime whose corporate fascism grows each day as our rights are taken away little by little.

Both political parties running this show, Democrats and Republicans, are merely a slightly differing side of the same coin.  They’re both for governments domination over the freedom of the individual.  In order to break the chains of slavery I implore you to stop electing the two parties to power and vote Libertarian or some other third party who will fight for the rights of the common citizen and remove the income tax tyranny from our lives forever.  It’s my belief that running the nation within a sensible budget along with a small national sales tax will allow us to eliminate the income tax and the extortionist tactics used to collect it especially when people barely have enough to survive as it is.  In addition getting rid of the foreign privately owned Federal Reserve will save us an amazing amount of money in interest since Congress has a Constitutional right to print it’s own interest free currency.  Break free of your media brainwashing and take power over your life as the future God that you are by voting for independents and those who represent political parties that will stand up for your Constitutional rights and your freedom to live as you choose on this Earth.

Watch this video on how our government throws common sense out the window and in the process is in essence destroying itself and our once great nation:

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