Multiverse Or God?

August 7th, 2009
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Parallel Universe WorldsI’ve been hearing about this debate over God and parallel Universes.  That there’s either a God or there’s parallel Universes and no God.  Why would that be?  Why wouldn’t an infinite entity of pure thought create only one Universe and only one timeline.  God would want to explore every scenario possible within a certain reason if he cared about the suffering of people.  His reasons would be simply out of curiosity, to exercise his mind boggling consciousness, prepare people with the vast experiences needed to ascend to Godhood, and to judge if a person is truly good or evil based on how they handle every scenario presented to them under various conditions.  To say that the existence of a multiverse disproves the existence of a God is extremely lame and devoid of any logic.  It’s a attempt by atheists to strengthen their position and try to prove something they simply can’t.  Deep down they’re just scared of the man made religions hell threats.

If anything the existence of parallel realities would be more of an argument for a God based on the fact that such a system would require the existence of a Universal pure thought foundation which would indeed be God.  This is assuming that we constantly move five dimensionally through near identical parallel Universes just as we flow four dimensionally through time into the future.   If every parallel Universe were totally separate that would be even more proof of a God as it would be rather obvious that some intelligence had to bring near infinite realities into existence independently.  Again we’re assuming there was one Universe at the time of the big bang.  From there it shattered into other realities based on the will of God who would have been the only consciousness able to cause change.  Later our sentient consciousness with it’s near infinite choices caused the splitting off of new realities.  Something first seen in the laboratory when sub-atomic particles react to having someone simply observe it.

I believe sub-atomic particles react to observation, or more likely our thoughts, because they’re so close to the transition of matter into energy.  Energy I believe is the physical manifestation of pure thought.  If we had the technology we would see energy transition into pure thought and in essence we would see proof of God although one cannot see thoughts so it would have to be an amazingly advanced technology.

On an additional final note I think there are indeed other separate Universes that started by some other process other than the big bang and/or are governed by different laws of physics.  Other Multiverses that lie within the 6th dimension or beyond.  Countless other realities where none of our parallel selves ever existed and the people, societies, and conditions are totally alien.  Universes that could not even be explored within our own vast near infinite Multiverse.  I believe all scenarios within a certain reason must be explored.  We can’t even begin to comprehend what Gods infinite mind could create.  These scenarios may indeed be infinite.  God may never be done creating Universes and sentient species as there is no limit to an infinite imagination.

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