Internet Marketing Weasels: A Plague From God?

July 6th, 2009

Marketing WeaselI’ve appreciated the comments from genuine users with no strings attached.  I can even appreciate the users who made a comment pertinent to this blog with the addition of including a nod to their website whether it has anything to do with the subject of my blog or not.  What I can’t stand are the fools who submit nothing but an ad or an entire paragraph of nonsensical dribble that must be a lame attempt to list all their keywords for the search engines.  I wonder if they read mine or others blogs? Or do they just use some automated software to spread their bull across the net.  A line of BS that usually involves some money making scheme.  Those comments are either edited or totally deleted before they ever reach public view here.  Seriously if you have nothing constructive to add here then don’t bother because this is not an advertising venue but a forum for ideas whether they’re related to God or not.  I thank anyone who has or is going to post a reply to my blog entries and those who simply want to comment on my blog in general.  Thank you!

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