Do We Only Exist In This Multiverse?

July 4th, 2013
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Do We Exist In Other Multiverses, And Omniverses Throughout The Greater Macroverse?

Parallel Universe WorldsBy Multiverse we mean this particular collection of parallel Universes that originated from our Big Bang. Other Multiverses originated from other Big Bangs, or other phenomenon, and may exhibit alternate laws of physics. We can fathom existing in multiple forms in our collection of parallel Universes because somewhere there is a prime self from which all these variations originated from. However this is only a sub-set in this Multiverse. We are also born randomly in other parallel Universes by simple chance, and the fact that there are only so many combinations that particles can be arranged in. Therefore if we travel far enough we will find our duplicates. This means we must exist in other Multiverses as well within their collection of parallel Universes. This would also indicate we exist in other Omniverses, aka collection of Multiverses, and beyond spread all over the infinite Macroverse that is everything. In fact we could all be infinite ourselves, and apart of the one original God that is the Macroverse. It’s assumed each persons energy, and matter vibrational frequency is unique along with being in alignment with the pure thought frequency of their souls thereby unifying all your parallel selves. So somewhere you’re one unified being. It could be you are actually an Omniverse God as we speak, or perhaps apart of the Macroverse Gods collective consciousness. Since everything happens outside our time frame it already exists. Godhoodism believes that the purpose of sentient life is to evolve, and grow onward past biological death into a higher dimensional life of immortality as a God.

Despite scientists view that particle arrangement is finite we don’t believe that the arrangement of particles in a Macroversal context is finite. Otherwise there could only be a finite number of sentient beings, Gods, and Omniverses that could exist. At some point we would reach a stagnation level without change so as to make existence devoid of any purpose. There must be an infinite combination of particle arrangements on the Macroverse level that expands outward for infinity into eternity thanks to the Macroverse God, and new Omniverse Gods creating new realities.  So most likely we exist as parallel selves spread evenly across the Omniverses of the Macroverse. Our unique frequency signature could even be duplicated in quantum computer simulations which could make up a vast part of our existence as well.  This human form in this particular environment is but a miniscule portion of your entire life, which from this viewpoint, would seem totally alien to you.

When we first conceived of Godhoodism we had theorized you were first born as a 5-D being who was a combination of all your parallel selves. Then from there you ascended to Omniverse Godhood. Now we believe that you, and everyone deemed worthy by the Macroverse God is first born by him in 10-D, or greater, Omniverse God form as a combination of all our parallel selves in all the Omniverses we exist in. Since nothing is deleted from reality you exist simultaneously as a God while still always existing as a 3-D biological being in countless parallel Universes along with existing in higher dimensional forms within the Omniverses. This includes a 5-D self, aka an Angel, in each Multiverse along with higher dimensional forms which are a unification of all your Angelic selves. Something like an Archangel. It’s unknown if there could perhaps be Hyper-Omniverses, or even higher dimensional forms of yourself as well where you were truly first born into existence. Whether directly, or indirectly, you were ultimately first born inside the mind of the Macroverse God. It could be that the Macroverse God is actually a collective of us all, and we were never born at all. Maybe we always existed without a beginning, and set out to experience all that can be as we play out every probability imaginable in our infinite minds.

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