Could Philosophical Zombies & Solipsism Exonerate God For The Atrocities Of Humankind?

June 28th, 2013
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Philosophical ZombiesMany have wondered how God can sit idly by as numerous atrocities, and hellish scenarios take place among the sentient beings of our Universe.  It’s akin to Superman watching people being murdered, and refusing to lift a finger.  Of course a peaceful afterlife of paradise would be a good start to make amends but a person would still have the horrific memories of their excruciating experience.  Other than erasing memories, which would defeat the whole purpose of even existing in the physical Universe to begin with, God could be forgiven for his apparent apathy through the creation of Philosophical Zombies.  Philosophical Zombies are beings who appear to be normal humans, and react to everything as a standard human would except they have no real conspicuousness, or self-awareness.  They are more or less an illusion created by a programmer whether they be computerized, magical, or God in origin.  Perhaps only one person such as yourself exists in any given reality, and the rest are p-zombies who react to you, other p-zombies, and a reality that may itself not be real.

This brings us to Solipsism which is a philosophy that believes only ones own consciousness is real while the rest of the Universe could in all likelihood be an illusion.  You could be a brain in a jar being fed sensory input, a computer program being simulated with a reality, or even non-corporeal consciousness floating in the great beyond being fed direct thoughts from God, or some other higher dimensional being.  Heck maybe you’re dead, and don’t even know it.  Either being purposely hidden from the afterlife or stuck in your own delusions.  This would probably be a pre-ghost state caused by an extreme trauma.  Heck maybe this could be hell, and they’re just working their way up to the really bad stuff!

Naturally if you yourself have experienced extreme suffering then this nixes Gods, or your computer programmers, way out of this but still doesn’t mean you’re not the only one who exists for whatever reason.  Those who believe in Godhoodism know that you become an amazing being with all the memories of your lives in the mega amount of parallel Universes.  Perhaps the really bad stuff is so diluted in the decent to good memories that it ends up not being so bad.  Or perhaps the memories fade in the same way a nightmare begins to disappear as you awaken.  Even if you remember it the dream memory just isn’t the same as a real memory you experienced while in a waking state.  Dying, and awakening in a five dimensional body might create the same sensations.  You would look back on all your many lives as fading dreams as you look forward to a new higher dimensional existence that makes your three dimensional existence seem almost unreal.


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