Will Secrets Of The Afterlife Be Revealed By Cryogenics?

August 2nd, 2013
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Will The Secrets Of The Afterlife Be Revealed By The Resurrection Of The Cryogenically Frozen Dead?

Cryo Freezer ManThere are already accounts of life after death relayed by those who fell prey to impending death, or an extremely brief period of clinical death.  These Near Death Experiences usually involve a bright white light along with Heavenly visions that may include previously deceased family, and even Angels.  Some have even seen visions of Hell, or other odd things.  Most likely these visions are merely manufactured by a panicked sub-conscious that can’t accept death.  There can be no way to see the afterlife without actually being completely dead.  The resuscitation from a clinical death that only lasts mere seconds, or perhaps a brief matter of minutes at the most isn’t really death.   Certainly no afterlife, that would have to be created, and run by some manner of powerful higher dimensional beings, would be fooled by this temporary death allowing for a peek at what lies beyond.

There’s also the fact that such a place exists outside of our 4-D time-space.  This means there is no equivalent time frame to our reality.  If we are dead here for one minute we aren’t in the afterlife for one minute.  A person viewing our 4-D Universe from the outside would see time as happening all at once.  There would be no point that is the past, present, or future.  Either a person still exists in this timeline, or they never do again for all eternity.  So even a person who may be cryogenically frozen for hundreds, or even thousands of years, will not awaken to regale us with tales of their time spent in the higher dimensions above.  This is due to the fact that their ties were not yet cut from this reality.  They were simply in suspended animation as far as anyone outside this Universe is concerned.

Even if people were temporarily sent to an afterlife there’s also the reality that we don’t have access to the memories of our souls which are a higher dimensional form.  Can you access your future memories?  No because you don’t have complete access to your four dimensional form.  You only have knowledge of the past, and the present.  Can you remember what you did in a parallel Universe?  No because you don’t have access to your five dimensional self.  So your stay in Heaven, or wherever, would not be remembered in your 3-D mind that doesn’t have access privileges to your complete higher dimensional hierarchy that makes up your entire soul which in actuality does already exist even though you’re not dead at the moment.  At some point in this Universe your existence will expire, and already has as far as the higher dimensions are concerned.  Thanks to the complexity of the multi-dimensional Universe we can simultaneously be alive, and dead at the same time as ultimately we are one complete super being who is composed of our amazing number of lives in the parallel Universes, Multiverses,  parallel Omniverses, and beyond.  A being that would be considered a God.

Unfortunately there is no way in the foreseeable future for any technology to allow us to travel to the afterlife, and back again to report what mysteries lie beyond this life.  Now of course if our civilization lives on for thousands, and perhaps even millions of years,  we will eventually possess the technology to traverse higher dimensions thereby prematurely crashing the afterlife.  I wonder how the Angels will greet these Heavenly party crashing human-alien-android hybrids?  Certainly news of the discovery of an Afterlife will be the biggest news in Universal history.  Second only to discovering God himself.  Until then we must rest assured that we will all end up together in a far better place, and that we already exist there as we speak.

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