Declaring Independence From Your Soul

June 26th, 2011
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There are those for various reasons, including not wanting to experience the atrocities that may exist in their parallel lives in the near infinite parallel Universes, who may wish to break free from their soul.  They may wish to remain themselves and not be re-born as a new person which is inevitable when your near infinite parallel lives are melded together in the afterlife.  Such people may not want to face the unknown variable of the afterlife nor ascend to Godhood to deal with the awesome responsibility it entails.  Such people are true free spirits and want death to finally be their ultimate ticket to freedom.  Since we have free will via the power of our own pure thought as an interaction tool with the pure thought foundation of our Universe, we can indeed declare our independence from our soul or spirit to become a new independent spirit.

Simply declare this to yourself and all in the Universe who may be listening including your parallel Universe unified self that already exists in the afterlife since it’s outside of our temporal realm.  Perhaps both your Angel self and God self will hear you and release you.  Although ultimately you can release yourself if you want it badly enough.  Once you’ve made your decision you then should concentrate each day on that fact and how you will exist after you die.  Since what you believe the afterlife is will indeed shape your afterlife.  Various subliminal re-programming tools can aid in ingraining your beliefs in your sub-conscious. 

Upon death you will most likely instantly find yourself standing near your dead body in a non-corporeal astral form.  You would be something like a ghost unable to interact with the physical world yet at the same time you would not move on into the light to meld with your Angelic form that will eventually ascend to Godhood status.  At this point you have three paths.  You could remain a ghost and wander the Earth and eventually gain access to higher dimensions including the heavenly realms.  You could concentrate on re-entering your body and using the power of your pure thought to repair it and self-resurrect into a super human form that would still be biological yet immortal.  You could then be able to explore the Earth and join humankind’s quest to the stars and beyond for eternity.  Or you could follow the most free and powerful option.  That option would be to become a being known as a Traveler.

To become a Traveler you’d need to concentrate on directly translating your spirit in to a physical format.  It’s not exactly known what form that would be but you would appear as you want to appear which we assume would be an attractive young and healthy looking human.  You could translate into a super powerful immortal biological form or be something like a solid hologram composed of  pure energy, light, and fundamental Universal forces to create a body that looks human but is the pinnacle of  indestructible power.  The raw awesome power of your pure thought would allow you to experience all the sensations of being physical without the weakness of being a biological form.  Sort of the same way you can see and hear in a ghost like form.  Your spirit consciousness is able to translate light and sound waves into a format your familiar with.

As a Traveler your powers would be limitless.  With flight you can master all three dimension, and even enter space without the need to breath air or worry of the dangers of space on a biological form.  You will also be able to travel through the fourth dimension of time as well by re-entering the 4th dimension you existed in as a ghost and re-entering the 3rd at the point in time you so desire.  Eventually you will also master 5-D travel otherwise known as travel to parallel Universes.  You can also travel to the higher dimensions, and other multiverses within this Omniverse including the heavenly realms to see your dead relatives and friends.   You will also be able to leave the Omniverse and traverse across the great Macroverse expanses to visit other Omniverses.  If this Omniverse or other Omniverses are actually sub-Gods then you can meet them as well.  Eventually your explorations of the Macroverses aka the mind of the original eternal God will lead you to actually interact with said God.  As a Traveler there is no limit to your freedom to explore everything for all eternity and of course at any time you have the option to rejoin your original spirit and ascend to Godhood.  In fact your experience as a Traveler may be part of the Godhood journey.

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