Achieving Angelhood

March 15th, 2011
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The basis of the Godhoodism religion centers around the after life goal of achieving Godhood but could there be a step in between Human Adulthood and Godhood?  We have spoken of Angels as Gods helpers and also possibly serving as Guardian Angels to humans.  In fact since the after life exists outside of time you’re already there and it’s possible you’re actually you’re own Guardian Angel.  That is unless of course God deems that to be a conflict of interest.  We’ve also mentioned that Angels might get bored just serving God for eternity and might want to move on to become Gods themselves.   Perhaps Gods just don’t create Angels but also humans ascend to Angelhood as an intermediary step before full Godhood.  Even with all the experiences of near infinite lifetimes through the parallel Universes that still might not be enough to make you a worthy God.  As an Angel you might be qualified to watch over one or more of those Universes as a sub-God of sorts.  There’s even the possibility that there are whole other sets of near infinite parallel Universes separate from this Multiverse. 

It would stand to reason there are near infinite multiverses that started off by means other than the big bang and are totally foreign from this one and all it’s possibilities.  This might mean that you exist in those near infinite multiverses leading a mind boggling number of lives.  In each one you become an Angel after death and rule over some of the Universes or maybe even rule over whole multiverses within a Gods Omniverse.  After God feels you’ve fulfilled your mission you then move on to another after life where all the memories of your Angel lives goes into one God form that is your final eternal self.  Then it would be guaranteed you had enough knowledge to be a worthy God and create your own Universes and sentient beings.

We here at Godhoodism are looking into this possibility and will edit our doctrine accordingly to reflect this new knowledge.  This is most likely true if we are an Omniverse made up of near infinite Multiverses which are in turn made up of near infinite Universes.  Everything combined aka the mind of the original God is called the Macroverse.  This means there are probably near infinite Omniverses as well created by those who have achieved Godhood to form their own Omniverses.

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