Could Ghosts Be Real?

March 3rd, 2012
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Ghostly FigureYes ghosts could be real even with the afterlife being different than most people think.   In the afterlife we’re a new unified super being whose a combination of our near infinite lives in the near infinite parallel Universes.  This would seem to render ghosts obsolete since the traumas that create them would be diluted in our new strong willed spirits.  Whether that be a traumatic death, grave injustice, or hellish life in general.  However there is still free will.  We aren’t just a small insignificant predestined piece of our super spirit already now active in the great beyond outside of our time, and space.  Our individual life force has a spirit of it’s own as well which is generated by the power of pure thought we wield.

So something can go wrong at death where we don’t join our unified soul in the higher dimensions above.  We could be suffering so greatly from something, or be so strong willed when it comes to an injustice that we simply refuse to move on.  We end up somewhere between in a ghostly form.  Until our ghost comes to terms with their issues they will not be able to move on into the light.  When we finally do then we’ll be unified with our soul.  Some of us may not want to become a different person, and may even declare independence from our super spirit.  Under the Universal law of free will we have a right to do this.

Declaring Independence From Your Unified Soul & Becoming A Traveler

Only a minute fraction have a strong enough will to achieve this, and then have the power to go anywhere, and be anything they so choose for eternity.  Naturally you’re giving up your Godhood birthright.  At least temporarily until you decide to rejoin your original soul.  It could very well be that it was destiny, and unique scenario for the main soul to learn from on it’s quest to Godhood.  Under this scenario your goal would be to become a Traveler.  To retake a physical form at will, and then a spirit form once again so you could travel to any place, time, parallel Universe, or even any dimension eventually.  Your mission would be exploration, and helping out others along the way.

Your form in this exciting  journey could be biological although the ultimate physical power form would be to translate your independent soul into a form of pure energy, and light.  While in ghost form you will your pure thought into this reality causing an energy reaction.  This energy reaction produces photons which are the pure essence of light, and the electromagnetic force as well.  You would then exist in the physical Universe as a solid hologram of sorts.  Although it would take practice to perfect the photonic light so you don’t actually glow.  Since you have no biological senses you’d need to use your mind to directly translate all the various waves, and molecules into familiar sensations.  Light waves to see, sound waves to hear, scent molecules for aroma, and even the taste of food if you want to sample things out of curiosity.  Obviously you’d have no need to eat, drink, or even sleep.  Although you could enter a dream state at will.

You’d also have to translate the various factors of surfaces to gain the sensation of touch.  You also need to project your thoughts into sound waves to create a voice.  It sounds like a lot of work but it won’t be as bad as you think when your  mind is free of  it’s biological confines.  Also the memory of being a biological entity will allow you to more easily make your new pure light body mimic a biological one.   Sort of the same way an amputee feels like they still have their leg, and can even feel pain or other sensations.  Luckily though you’d have full command of your mind so you wouldn’t feel pain unless you wanted to.

When most of us die we will simply see a fade to black, and then a beautiful light will appear in which we shall glide through peacefully.  At that point we are apart of the memory collective of our Angelic soul in the higher dimensions preparing for the ascension to Godhood.  Some of us will even at that point ultimately choose to not be Gods, and go on to be a super Traveler.  A traveling God in essence who has an amazing wealth of knowledge but chooses not to form a Universe, and have kids, aka creates sentient beings.  A small minority will take on a ghostly form before resolving their issues, and moving on into the light of their eternal unified soul.  An even more infinitesimal amount of people will become independent single life Travelers as a result.  Beings even greater than the fabled Greek & Roman Gods.  Who knows maybe some of those ancient Gods were for real, and maybe they were former humans who became Travelers.  The Traveler’s adventures of truth, justice, exploration, and good will fly forth into the great eternal annals of space, time, parallel realities, and beyond!  Then perhaps one day after an incomprehensible long life they will be ready to join their unified soul, and move on becoming Gods of their own Omniverses, or perhaps they will remain forever rebel spirits of free will!

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