With Each Decision Humans Act As Gods

March 2nd, 2012

godThe Holy Bible has it right at least on one thing.  We are made in the image of God.  Not only is the case with our potential to ascend to Godhood thanks to the wealth of knowledge from the near infinite lives we lead in the near infinite parallel Universes but also with each choice we make.  Each act of thought within our minds slides us five dimensionally into a nearly identical parallel reality.  However little do we know that within this infinitesimal moment we have actually created several new realities because pure thought isn’t linear despite our perception of it being that way.  Pure thought within our physical reality is the dynamic potential for all probable possibilities within our current Universe.  We perceive moving along one timeline, and can conceive of moving into different Universes within that timeline.   In reality we have split into many parallel selves, and spawned new realities with the power of a God.  Pure thought is what God is made of, and since we must have it to exist as sentient beings we are inadvertently Gods.

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