Does The World Seem To Be Getting Worse?

January 25th, 2015
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Humanities EndWith each passing day it seems as if the entire planet is flushing into the toilet. All facets of society are sinking into the abyss as corrupt corporatist elites, and the mentally ill minority are allowed to take everything over.  So much so that it’s perhaps starting to affect your personal life.  So what can you possibly do to stop this juggernaut taking us all straight to hell in a hand basket?  You can utilize the natural power of five dimensional travel to parallel Universes that all humans possess.  Just as we travel into the future four dimensionally we also travel to near identical parallel Universes at each time increment or plank length.  This phenomenon is powered by our pure sapient thought, and the free will we possess.

Have you noticed things getting worse as you spend years watching, and reading bad news about the state of our society?  This is because your mind believes the worst, and you’re pushing yourself into undesirable parallel incarnations of our reality.  You need to believe that the best case scenarios will happen in order to begin pulling yourself back into less destructive parallel Earth’s.  It’s theorized that our reality lacks Utopian qualities, amazing charismatic public figures, and blatant miracles of magic because the exceptional people who would have shaped our society had the foresight, and mental capacity to meditate themselves into dream Universes.  Parallel Earth’s that are paradise utopia’s because humanity did everything right either by sheer chance among the infinite parallel Universes, and/or courtesy of those ultra exceptional personalities.  People who most likely kept their imaginative optimism of the world they held in childhood. This reality may seem lackluster to hellish because you’ve been following the opposite path as the cream of the human crop.  Those who had massive negative hope for the future of the planet, and human race for their entire lives are probably on some hellish version of Earth as we speak. Perhaps one where society, and humanity are nearly extinct because of a zombie apocalypse, or some other catastrophe.

Despite positive thoughts for your own personal life that once guided you down a golden path you are Utopian Paradise Societyprobably now seeing the sorry state of the planet affecting things for you. This is because you need to also positively think about the general environment you live in as well.  This Universe is your canvas of life, and you must focus hopefully thoughts upon it as well in order to phase yourself into a more desirable reality.  Truly believe that humanity will transform it’s corrupt governments into forces of good for the Earth, and will not destroy itself or dive into a tyrannical dystopian nightmare.  Believe that humanity will create a glorious utopia beyond the wildest science fiction dreams as they explore the stars, and galaxies discovering new life, and gaining enlightenment.  Believe humankind, and peaceful extraterrestrials co-existing as they make a symbiotic journey into the ascension of Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality, and beyond!

Quantum Jumping, a creative method of visualizing parallel Universes, may aid in your quest to phase into more desirable realities.

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