The Case Against An Infinite All Knowing God

September 13th, 2014
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Higher Dimensionall AscensionBy infinite all knowing God we mean a sapient being that is the entire Macroverse, or the infinite everything there is, with nothing existing outside of his non-corporeal mind.  That doesn’t mean Atheism but rather polytheism.   Our reality on all dimensional levels is about calculating all mathematical probabilities encompassing all scenarios, and revealing all knowledge there is to know.  Continued growth, creativity, and exploration is the purpose to life. This includes every one of us being a higher dimensional being, and ultimately Gods on the infinite levels of reality.   It can also include the religions of Earth being true in various parallel Universes.  However when these Gods are given credit for creating everything there is to infinity, and beyond it’s simply not true.

The case against the existence of one infinite all knowing God with no beginning or end takes on three points:

1.) Stagnation – An infinite God would know everything past, present, and future instantly.  Therefore there would be nothing new for him/her to do, and nothing new to learn in order to grow as a sapient being.  There would be no real point to their existence.

2.) No Starting Point For Creation – If this God always existed for eternity into the past then they would have always been creating things, or oddly enough doing nothing for eternity into the past then decides to just start creating things.  It would make no sense they were stagnant for eternity which technically means there would be no starting point.  So the only option is they were creating sapient beings, and things for eternity into the past which again makes no sense because at some point there would have to be a beginning.  A point where he came up ideas to spawn things into existence. Utilizing the argument that they exist outside time doesn’t fly because in the absence of time as we know it sapient minds create their own temporal framework for a sequence of events. Although an infinite God would experience everything all at once in one burst of time.

3.)  Everything A Figment Of His/Her Imagination – Every soul that exists would have to be in their mind because nothing else exists.  Even if these souls were vibrating at different frequencies to differentiate them from each other they would still ultimately be apart of the infinite God’s combined soul frequency, and therefore would be him.  We would all be portions of his split personality.  The only way we can be real sentient souls is if we have an independent top level spirit that resides outside any God.  Sure we exist in the lower dimensions, including this one, inside the mind of other Gods but ultimately our many parallel, and higher dimensional selves are one with our highest level soul that resides upon a blank slate of unorganized pure thought or informational waves.  A Grand Unified Field we all evolved from by the mathematical probability that everything will take place if given enough space, and time.  And yes also Universes that evolved directly from said Field without a God. Of course though eventually the sapient beings within would evolve, and ascend to Godhood in that Universe.

That being said there is a possibility that an infinite Macroverse God could have been created by our top level souls forming a neural network of minds to create one unified being.  However it’s most likely impossible that every soul in existence would ever come into contact with each other over the infinite expanse of reality.  Certainly though Gods at various dimensional levels have combined to created higher unique beings while the individual souls still maintain autonomy. Ultimately we shouldn’t have to answer to a royal like God who was always the King of everything while we remain perpetual subservient subjects, or children.  Of course that’s not to say that isn’t the case in lower dimensions of reality since it would be a learning experience. At the highest level we are our own God, and we have chosen all the lives we lead even if we despise them.  From our higher dimensional viewpoint we relish experiencing everything there is to experience in the infinite Macroverse. We yearn to grow by assimilating all information there is by living it personally.

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