What Is Magic And Supernatural Power?

October 12th, 2009
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Magic PowersAs Halloween fast approaches we all conjure up images of supernatural beings in our mind.  Whether they be vampires, witches, werewolves, zombies, etc we wonder if these or any other supernatural entity exists.  Does anyone actually have magic powers that witches claim to have?  If any of these things exist on this planet then they are being kept well hidden.  That might suggest that such things are rare or may indeed not exist in this particular reality.  Still they make for wonderful stories to scare those who immerse themselves in the celebration of Halloween.

If such powers existed then what are they exactly.  What would give supernatural beings their strength, speed or magic powers?   The fact is that the entire Universe exists within the mind of God so that is the source of all power including supernatural be it good or evil.  God is the first and most powerful supernatural being and his power is his pure omnipotent thought.  God most likely created beings of pure thought who then in turn gave lower beings access to the power of this thought.  Although theoretically any sentient being can access this power as they themselves are composed of pure thought.  So thought, or self aware consciousness, is indeed the source of supernatural power which means our own thoughts have the potential to be paranormal.  I think we see hints of this in the so called placebo effect and various feats of strength explained as mind over matter.  Someday we will uncover the hidden secrets of the human mind and access our true supernatural potential.

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