What Is God?

April 9th, 2009
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GodI believe the original God who always existed is infinite pure thought and there can be only one who exists in all the Universe who has infinite thought.  His pure thought waves are the foundation of this Universe.  His pure emotion and pure logic collided to create the first form of energy of which all matter in the Universe is composed of.  The thought waves of God gradually transition into higher dimensional waves, and then energy waves which gradually transition into sub-atomic matter.  In essence everything around us is an illusion.  Nothing but thoughts in the mind of God.  As beings who possess sentient thought we have the potential to control our Universe and become Gods in our own right someday.  Gods with infinite potential within the mind of the one true eternal God who is the Macroverse.

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  1. V says:

    i offen think long and hard about what the purpose of life is and religion ect.. and i came believe almost every idea that goodhoodism is. i just didn’t know what to call myself. i honestly thought i was the only person in the world who held these believes. than i found this site which was amazing because i was not influence at all to believe in goodhoodism it was just the only thing that would explain sentient life.

  2. God says:

    It’s something that came to me over time as I began to realize the mindless idiocy of the obviously man made religions. The after lives they speak of just seem absolutely mindless as well. It just seems like you stagnate and no longer grow being an eternal child to the father God. Would a heavenly father not want his children to grow up to be like him just as an Earthly father does? If there’s an afterlife it only makes sense that growth should continue and the next logical place to grow to is godhood. It would bring meaning to our seemingly insignificant lives as well. With the addition of infinite parallel realities life becomes a training ground of experiences to prepare us for the responsibilities of godhood.

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