How Could God Have Always Existed?

May 26th, 2009
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GodhoodEvery time I tell someone that the Universe couldn’t have created itself so God must exist they always ask,”Who created God?” or “How could God always have existed without a beginning?”  When I say “God” I mean the original obviously as we and all other Gods had a beginning and a humble one at that.   As a sentient being currently stuck in a mode of three dimensional thinking I don’t have the answer but this is the reply I give to those who ask.  He’s the only infinite omnipotent being to ever exist and so the only thing to always have existed.  The cheat answer is to say he exists outside of time so technically he has no beginning or end.  The real answer lies in understanding what lies beyond our three dimensional perceived world and into the great pure thought beyond.  Since we cannot even visualize a 4-D object in our mind we could never hope to comprehend how God could have always existed.  It’s probably the number one mystery of the Universe and beyond mind boggling.  Still we may understand how it’s possible someday when we become Gods communicating with the original God.

An updated answer is a compromise between an animate, and inanimate object.  Perhaps a vast infinite sea of pure thought waves always existed, and from that by random chance like thoughts coalesced until a sentient being was born.  Of course this scenario would mean that God isn’t infinite, and there could be a plethora of other original Gods.  Even within the one eternal God this process may have taken place in his mind without him even initiating it.   Then there would be a class of upper level spontaneously born Gods.

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