The Greatest Technological Advancement In Human History

March 16th, 2013
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The greatest technological revolution In human history, along with the greatest evolution seen since we evolved from primates, will be witnessed when we create the first complete Universal simulation. A time in the future when we become Gods of a sort upon the creation of an advanced quantum computer in which we realistically simulate the Universe, and our entire history as well. There are many ways this could go but for the purposes of extrapolating our own future we might run a simulation that nearly duplicates our past history. The Big Bang, creation of Earth, life, and eventually our evolution would be guided along by an advanced program. The humans in these programs would be advanced sentient artificially intelligent beings. Some of which will be simulations of real historical figures complete with simulated emotions. They would be self-aware, and believe their reality is real just as we think ours is. Really though our existence could be a computer simulation as well, and we could be AI programs. There could in fact be Universal simulations within Universal simulations to an exponential factor all within the most amazing super computer of all time.

Within our particular targeted simulation we would guide known history along until it reaches the present which might be only hundreds of years in our future. Clearly such a simulation would have a hyper-accelerated computer clock to allow for simulated times exponential movement. If the Universe program ran in real time we would never complete the experiment. As far as the sentient programs in the computer were concerned time would be moving normally. We the outside programmers could of course go “back in computer time”, and look at the recorded data in detail at any moment.  We could even use a direct brain-computer interface to interact within the recorded portion of the simulation.  Perhaps the entire billions of years of history within the artificial Universe would occur in a 100, 10, or even 1 year period as far as we’re concerned.  A quantum computer is capable of an amazing amount of calculations so it’s possible.

Upon surpassing the equivalent of our present time we no longer input data, and allow the entire simulation to run on it’s own. So within a short period of time we could observe the development of all future technology, and evolution. We could in essence get an accurate depiction of our own future society. From that we could then advance our current technology exponentially catapulting ourselves thousands, or even millions of years in advance with a variety of innovations. We could also program parallel Universes to introduce other scenarios thereby witnessing even more revolutionary advancements. We would unlock the secrets of the Universe, time travel, parallel Universe travel, and beyond! All health issues, social ills, and all other issues could be solved within an extremely short time span. Immortality, indestructibility, and Godhood would be ours with very little effort. Once such a computer simulation is created we could see humankind ascend to Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality, and beyond in a mere hundreds of years from now instead of millions of years. This should be the number one collective goal of scientists around the world because until then we are vulnerable to destruction by a variety of sources including meteors, warfare, diseases, etc. The creation of such an awesome computer simulation might be the most important thing humankind can do for itself to preserve the species, and propel itself forward perpetually into an enlightened future of peace, and happiness!

5 Responses to “The Greatest Technological Advancement In Human History”

  1. Flyer321 says:

    when will this happen

  2. Flyer321 says:

    If it’s going to happen

  3. God says:

    It will happen if humankind survives until the entire human species ascends to Godhood. Although it will probably be human-extraterrestrial-cybernetic hybrids by that time.

  4. God says:

    The first simple Quantum Computing Universal simulation will be in this century. Ones with real self-aware AI human simulations complete with emotions are still several centuries away.

  5. Flyer321 says:

    like robots. and what you written is brilliant all the way through. it’s makes sense from top to bottom

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