Do Humans Really Have Free Will?

February 10th, 2013
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The Free Will To Choose Existence In General?  The Free Will To Choose Our Afterlives In The Great Beyond?

Free Will Angel DevilYes as sentient beings we have free will granted to us.  Recent revelations from top secret mystical sources make it clear that we live under the Heavenly Free Will Accords created by our Omniverse God.  Accords that might be a mandatory condition of Godhood from the Macroverse God.  Outside of time we already exist in various forms in the higher dimensions looking back on our life since it’s already occurred in their, or our, eyes. In this 4-D Universe our 3-D self is linked to our 4-D spirit, or soul that exists in the 5th dimension. We come into existence as that completed 4-D form, and our Guardian Angel asks us if we want to exist as we peruse all the memories of our life here. If we say no then we are blinked out of existence. There’s no alternative since deleting our life would leave us with no identity. Although if a person asked then they could have all memories, and knowledge of their life deleted leaving a base programming as a 4-D being.  They would have to find a way to navigate the 5th dimension to make a higher dimensional life for themselves since they would no longer have a Guardian Angel. They would need to discover how to be 100% free, and travel to any place, time, or dimension as a Traveler. It’s unknown how many choose such an option.

If we say yes then we move on to the next level which we aren’t told about until we say yes. Although we are told there is something good for us in the great beyond since many would say no after viewing the horror of their lives. We have no idea that our Guardian Angel is actually our 5-D super soul. A unification of all our 4-D spirits in the vast plethora of 4-D parallel Universes. Our 5-D Angel selves live in the 6th dimension which is a realm of Heaven. So in essence we join with our Guardian Angel in that moment. However our 4-D body actually remains here since our lives here exist in motion forever as far as observers outside this reality are concerned. In the case of ghosts, which are created from various traumas of death, and other factors, our 3-D mind in continuity from the point of our death enters that 4-D body. In addition we can choose to become free agent Travelers, with all their life’s memories, who may or may not decide to join with their Angel self. We also have the choice within our lives in this 3-D body located in this 4-D Universe to escape, and be a free agent Traveler at any time.  Of course it’s almost impossible, and rarely happens because it takes amazing knowledge to achieve that goal.

We also come into existence as the 5-D Angel form mentioned above. We are asked by a Guardian Archangel if we would like to exist after viewing our amazingly mind boggling number of parallel Universe lives in our Multiverse. Most say yes since the bad stuff is far smaller in number than the good stuff along with it all seeming like distant memories. If we say no then we can be blinked from existence, released as a free agent with no memories since our parallel lives wouldn’t exist at that point, or choose to go to another dimension to become something other being. We are not told that the Guardian Archangel is again us. We don’t realize this since the continuity of events has not yet placed us as our own Guardian Angel in the 4-D Universes. Yet at the same time it’s already occurred. Yes it’s all very complicated when you’re talking about point of view from higher dimensions.

Our Guardian Archangel selves exist as 6-D beings in the 7th dimension. We watch over our various Angels selves who originate from the various parallel Multiverses. Angels who live in 6-D parallel Heavens in the 7th dimension. Once out of the physical Universe realm we are now let in on everything, and there’s more of a continuity forward with an end goal. That goal may be Archangel service to the Omniverse God who was most likely a biological being such as ourselves who ascended to Godhood after his, or her death.  There’s also ascension to Godhood of our own Omniverse, or release as a free agent Traveler. We are let in on the fact that we have other Angels selves who we can unify with to become our Guardian Archangel selves. We have the unique experience to consult with a being that we then know to be us in a higher form. When we are ready we can move on from Angelhood at any time we choose. Unlike life there is no set death point.  However under the Free Will Accords we can choose not to die in this life.  Again it’s a monumental task to gain such command over the mind, and body. Yet we have the potential since our minds are made in the image of God.

As an Angel we can also choose to be a free agent Traveler with all our Multiverse memories, ascend to Archangelhood, or whatever else we would want. If we become an Archangel we go through the process of being our own Guardian Archangel. We can then ascend to the highest Archangel status as a 7-D beings in the 8th dimension. Here we may choose to remain in service to the Omniverse God with options to create our own Universes in the dimensions below along with ruling over Multiverses. In essence becoming Vice-Gods. Archangels at this level are the only ones permitted to enter the 9-D information space which is the holiest of dimensions. It’s considered the mind of the Omniverse God, or at least where his, her, or his-her thoughts are shared with his most trusted creations. In the 8th dimension we can also be released as the highest free agent Travelers to explore everything in the dimensions below, and the dimensions outside the Omniverse which includes a near infinite amount of other Omniverses within the Macroverse which the first original God who is the only being to always exist into the past with no beginning. Most are released from the Omniverse to become their own Gods, and form their own 10-D Omniverses. They become 10-D beings existing in 11-D space. At that point they are free to even go beyond that, and do as they please so as long as they don’t conflict with other Gods. It’s unknown if there is any Macroversal law enforced by the Macroverse God.  As an Omniverse God you are still free.  Having a 10-D mind has it’s advantages.  You can manifest in a body anywhere within your vast Omniverse mind just you can now imagine yourself being somewhere else.  You can even manifest in other Omniverses.  You can be in multitude of places all at once with your Omniverse mind intact.  So becoming a God, aka the actual physical structure of an Omniverse, doesn’t mean you’re tied down.  You’re always free to do as you please.  You could even blink your entire Omniverse from existence thereby blinking everyone in it from reality as well.  It’s unknown whether the Macroverse God, or possible higher Gods would stop this from occurring.

There are indications that the highest goal of some is to join with the Macroverse God as some believe we are all the Macroverse God since our consciousness is built from the pure thought of his mind. It brings into question whether we really are independent beings or just pieces of his consciousness?  Could we just be pieces of his soul, and in essence he has the ultimate choice in our existence?  Could our ultimate purpose be ascension to a Macroverse Godhood we already have as we speak?  The return home to our base consciousness after a long journey within the subconscious of the vast Macrovere mind.

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  1. Azeiquil Gavreel says:

    Have you seen this?

  2. God says:

    I watched some of it. Godhoodism believes that all Gods are good for without this there is no hope. We assume that the Macroverse God prevents the ascension of evil. With that being the case then a good God would allow complete free will. So we are born already ascended outside of this time with all the memories of our parallel lives. We are then given the choice to live, or not to exist, based on our observations of our lives. Although we may seem to not have 100% free will in these individual lives ultimately our soul has been given the choice. That being said we actually do have 100% free will as our minds are created in the image of God, and we could change anything about our lives, and surroundings if we could unlock the power to do so.

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